Jamie has a dough brain moment

I should have checked out if the valves under the sink actually worked to turn off water before my shopping trip to lowes.  Guess what the valves don’t work so I will have to replace them and I might as well replace the water supply lines at the same time. It will add a bit more to the cost of the repair but replacing the older lines and valves with good quality hardware will pay off long term. I want every water supply point to have a shut off valve as it will make all repairs much easier in the future.  When I replaced the guts of the toilets I had a bad valve on one of the toilets so I replaced both the valve and the old line and it has worked out very well replacing some of the “make do” repair/installation of things in this house.  Each of these small repair jobs I get done, adds to my knowledge base and makes the home better because the repair is done correctly.

While I was at lowes I saw they had all the tools for de-burring the cut drain pipes as well as making the chamfer angle to fit the pipes together. I found some threaded fittings I can glue in order to have access to the trap and a way I can use the “snake” for any clogs in the future.  My kitchen sink is draining slow and considering how the goomba installed the drain pipe for the washer I bet he just sort of hooked up the pipe with a bunch of left over elbows and short runs of pipe.  Rather than buy more pipe and create the straightest pipe runs possible.  After seeing how the former owner used 3  gaskets rather than a bit of “plumbers putty” to seal the kitchen sink drain, nothing surprises me.  It’s sort of like a person steps over a dollar to pick up a dime, using leftover pipe fittings.  I understand a person sometimes has to use what they have on hand in order to get by. What I don’t understand is being so cost ineffeceint that you use more costly hardware rather than do the job right. Black ABS drain pipe is cheap! Adding a bunch of elbows and fittings is not as cheap as straight runs of pipe. I need a trap I can access and a 90 degree elbow to tie into the existing stack. About 4-5 feet of ABS pipe cut to fit, one trap and one elbow, add in a couple of threaded fittings for access and the drain job is done and easy to clean as well as repair.

I really hate when people sort of half-ass in jobs. Do it right the first time and you save yourself from constant repairs as well as save money. Yes it usually costs a bit more up front but you will save time, money and trouble in the long term.

Enough whining about the past I can’t fix. It looks like I may just squeak by hitting my silver goal for the year.  While I was at lowes buying the faucet I picked up a LED bulb on sale that is a 60 watt equivalent for the main living room lamp. Huge difference as it almost doubled the lumens of the 40 watt equivalent bulb.  My electric bill is forecasted to be around a $100.00 but I did Xmas lights this year so I don’t think Mom is totally to blame for the rise in cost. If you can find the LED bulbs on sale I think they are a great way to save on energy costs. The LED bulbs are much better compared to CFL bulbs as far as quality of light and cost savings.

I have sort of moved in to sustainment mode. I don’t need to add too the basics I have on hand I’m sort of just tweaking and making sure the basics are rotated. I made most of 2014 goals though it was sort of odd. My garden went berserk growing and I did not expect that happening. I added many tools and gained a different mindset about self-reliance. I’m mentally going for a more proactive approach here at “Casa de Choas”. I’m still playing around with my goals as money is just a bit tight but doable.

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