Hope you are having a good holiday season! It is going well here at Casa de Chaos

Christmas was very low key this year. I did up a Prime rib and Mom added a few items like potatoes and punkin bread and pie. I baked up some of Sci-fi Chick’s 30 minute rolls and they were a big hit. I still get a little choked up at times because I miss her. The best tribute I can think of is carrying on and doing the things she has taught me.  I was a little worried about the prime rib sitting in the freezer so long. I used the Memphis BBQ spice rub and let it sit overnight then cooked it up in the rotisserie. It turned out really good if I say so myself.  I like to make use of the BBQ,  rotisserie and toaster oven when doing my Holiday cooking. It frees up the big oven and is good practice cooking/baking if you can’t use your oven. I have an electric stove that runs on 220 volts so there is no way I could use it during a power outage. Both my rotisserie and toaster ovens run on 120 volts so the generator could power those up with no problem.

On to the critters, I had a bit of a scare with Diana the peke. I took her to the groomer and when she came home her back legs didn’t function very well! She was not in pain but was very wobbly and had a hard time walking.  She had a rough couple of days healing up but she is doing much better and has a real bounce in her step.  Peke’s can have back problems and I think Diana must of twisted the wrong way while at the groomer. I added some baby aspirin to Diana’s food and tried to keep her movement somewhat restrained while she healed up. Thankfully she did not have pain while she was wobbly. In that case I would have got her to the Vet. right away!  My Mom has three pekes and Diana thinks Mom’s black peke “Bear” is just the greatest peke ever. Diana even shares her food bowl with him!  We are having a problem with the oldest dogs piddling in the house since they have not figured out the new doggie door.  Overall the dogs are doing okay.

Mom has been letting the chickens out to forage and scratch in the backyard. The birds are having a great time scratching  the leaf mulch in the garden as well as getting some bugs and stuff in the yard. Egg counts are starting to come up as the birds have settled into their new home. SW Idaho tends to turn off cold after the New year but Mom has the heat lamp and a small heater ready to go for the cold snap.  I’m sure many people will say that my Mom spoils her chickens and they are probably correct.  But so far Mom’s chickens produce many eggs, even in winter compared to most folks chickens.  Plus the birds seem happy with their lives. I still need to adjust the birds roosts, to add another as well as make things work a bit better for us humans but the shed is working out great.

Mom is working out great as a roommate. While this is my home and Mom recognizes that fact, we have sort of settled into how we did things when I was growing up. I prefer doing jobs working with tools and stuff outside. While Mom is all about cleaning and making a healthy “home” so to speak. I’m not sure I can explain it as Mom never treated me as a child when I was growing up. After my parents were divorced I sort of took on the yard work and stuff because I liked it. I cooked and baked because I liked eating good food, though I hated doing dishes!  Mom does the dishes now and I feel guilty, though she consider it payback for staying in my house.  This is not the same woman who raised me!  😉

I have a few little plumbing jobs to do but I’m holding off doing them until the Holidays pass. I get a paycheck and if I screw up I can call in a real plumber and pay him. That should finish up all the water works I have done this year.  It’s been a pain but I will have replaced about 70% of all supply lines with good pipes and valves as well as make my drainage pipes simpler as well as easy to clean.

2014 sucked for me.  I had a water main break, my dog died and I’m fighting plumbing issues that were done incorrectly.  But overall it was not a bad year.  I got the wood to heat this winter via barter and very cheap. I hit my silver goal with a little extra.  I got a few more tools as well as used them on stuff around the house.  I have worked hard and been blessed to meet most of my goals and while a few things went a bit sideways or were unexpected, such is life!




2 Responses to Hope you are having a good holiday season! It is going well here at Casa de Chaos

  1. TOR says:

    Glad to hear that you and Ma are getting along well. It is best when roomies sort of fall into a distribution of labor naturally; that way it works best for everyone based on what they want to do.

    Prime rib is sure yummy! Last year I did one and it was great! This year the wife and my sister (in Houston aprox 175 miles away) decided we should rent a place where they could park their travel trailer and we could rent a cabin for Christmas. After Wifey did everything for us all for Thanksgiving I said us boys would do Christmas.

    Bro in Law did a ham and I did potatoes au gratin with an apple crisp for desert. We split appetizers. It was a relaxed day, After presents I caught a few perch before getting to cooking.

    It was a good Christmas.

    • Jamie says:

      TOR: That sounds like an awesome holiday. I’m a big fan about doing simple things, but doing them well. I like how you all have divied up the workload.

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