Shopping and the chicken run has a cover

December 2, 2014

Got a good price on some more paper towel and toilet paper at Albertsons. I picked up 3 cans of Coffee at Freddys for $6.99. With W. Africa getting hammered with Ebola the coffee and chocolate harvest is taking a big hit! That means higher prices, since all coffee and chocolate is imported into the USA I need to stay stocked up. One thing to be aware of in an Economic collapse is every thing that is imported will become much more expensive. That means everything from disposable razors to TVs.  Check your shopping lists for things made in the USA and those imported items and if you have to make choice you may want to stock up on imported items first based on your budget.

Here in SW Idaho we have been getting  freezing rain which is kind of unusual. Mom had a new 10×12 tarp that was easy to reach, so we added that to the top of the kennel and the chickens came pouring out of the little sheds.  We added a bit of sand and laid a thick layer of straw to keep the hens warm.  In my opinion the birds look happy and don’t seem stressed.  Plus in the last two days we got 2 eggs each day.  Overall it seems the chickens are settling in nicely. I suspect the birds will do even better after the shed is built on Friday and we move out one small chicken hutch to give them a bit more room the scratch around. Perhaps next week we can let the birds out to free range once they have settled into their new home.

Mom’s pekes seem better today and are starting to feel more comfortable in my house. The dogs are using the little ramp but have not figured out the doggie door going in and out.  A couple of the pekes are hard of hearing and losing some sight and my yard is mostly grass compared to my parent’s place of a little grass and then rock and concrete.  So the pekes are having to learn new ways to navigate the yard. I added a little lavender oil to my kettle on the wood stove. That is a calming oil which might be reducing the stress and anxiety level in the dogs.  It seems Diana the peke sprained an elbow or shoulder and if I can keep her from jumping for a couple of weeks I think it will heal up.  The hard part is keeping her from jumping as she does not like too much help doing her thing in life. Diana is a little goofy in that she hates for me to lift her into bed but she doesn’t mind if I sort of help her up the ramp to bed and her pillows.

Mom is physically and mentally worn out and I am tired of moving in her stuff. After moving the chickens there was not anything we “had to get done” so we didn’t do much on Monday.  Mom paid a few bills today and saw the knee doctor in Boise. Because the doctor restricted movement for the tear in the knee ligament Medicare won’t pay for any more therapy to break down the scar tissue.  There is a massage therapist that is pretty good at Karcher Mall and her price seems very reasonable. Mom thinks she is seeing a reduction of the surface scaring using my dry skin salve and both she and I have had great success using the “essential oils” mix for pain relief.  Perhaps my essential oil mix could have a “Placebo effect”, I don’t really care if it is a placebo effect or it really works as long as I am out of pain. My pain relief salve works about as good as Hydrocodone (Vicodine) without all of the bad side effects of potential liver damage via acetaminophen or dependency on a simulated narcotic.

Many people are like me and reverting back to herbal medicine and not going to a doctor or emergency room for basic medical care. Massive trauma, you need to visit an Emergency room but most simple things like a cold, flu, aches and pains, maybe a clean broken bone or sealing a wound with bandages rather than sutures,  a prepper can make a basic treatment plan.

Early treatment for Ebola is making the patient drink fluids. At least a gallon a day and stay away from aspirin or Ibuprofen for fever reduction or pain relief as both of those NASIDs can contribute to bleeding.  You don’t want to introduce IV fluids if you can keep them drinking fluids. I know it might sound a little out there but I think Pop-cycles or a frozen ice treat full of sugars might be a great way to treat a fever and add fluids to any patient.  There are over 1400 people in 44 states being monitored for Ebola in the USA. While I will say the new Ebola czar has been effective getting out off of the MSM news it is not helpful to most preppers.