Wow, felt good today and got some things started for 2015!

CIDP can be a bit goofy as you tend to live with pain. Today I woke up and I felt great and had not realized just how bad I hurt until the pain stopped.  CIDP can be dealt with but sometimes it is like “life” is hitting you with a hammer. Gosh it feels good when it stops!  It does not last, but I certainly enjoy it when the pain stops for a few hours. I flipped the bed mattress when I changed the sheets and that has helped the bed be comfy. Rest and good sleep is seems to be a very critical item on how good I feel.  Heck, even the coffee tasted better after a good night sleep.

Stress has been kicking my butt.  Having Mom move in is great and I love being able to pay her back, but there are some adjustments to be made with a new room mate. Be it parents, kids or just starting out. I’m not liking the extra costs but Mom has helped me so much getting things done around the house as well as doing the dishes when I get on a cooking binge.  I think Mom and I have a very unique relationship not found in most parent/child relationships. Mom treated me with respect as a person.  We tend to divide up workloads and areas of responsibility pretty quickly, and so far no one has any “butt hurt” about what is happening.  Given time, waiting for the divorce to work through the courts I’m sure we will need to make some adjustments.

I moved up Diana the peke tumor/mammary cyst surgery date for the 21st of January. Her tummy seemed to be upset by the pain killer/anti-inflammatory medicine the Vet prescribed.  I’m not knocking the Vet, as it can take a dose of meds to get on top of any physical problems with dogs. Diana is moving well but her tummy is a bit upset and her mammary cyst got very large this last heat cycle. Diana’s weak legs are taking care of and on the 21st the mammary cyst/tumor will be removed.  After that it should just be supportive care, making sure Diana is as healthy as possible and happy.

I’m trying to hold onto cash and build an “emergency fund”.  I hate having to re-work financial stuff because I have an Emergency. Though I can get by on what I have prepared in goods and skills,  some time you need to pay cash for the stuff you need done.  There is no reason to beat yourself up if you make a mistake or guess wrong on some stuff prepping.  Everything is a “teachable moment” and if you screw up simply say “I won’t do that again” and move forward.

I cleaned some of the Beeswax I got a couple of months ago. Yes, call me names and call me irresponsible, but the beeswax is cleaner compared to my first cleaning using a double boiler set on low and using a tight weave cotton cloth and metal strainer.  Placing the beeswax in a tightly woven cotton bag along with the strainer in a pan over a double broiler made a big difference in the end product.  The wax is much lighter in color and I assume much cleaner over all.  Using this method with the tightly woven cloth as a filter I a get a very nice light yellow color in the the beeswax. Just using a strainer/sieve the wax is a bit darker and not a cleaned.  I have not tried to sell any cleaned beeswax at the local “Farmer’s Market” myself, but my Aunt checks out the market costs regularly and says clean real beeswax  can go for about $5.00-$8.00 per oz. depending on quality of cleaning.  This is a great niche tho fill if you have time but not a lot of physical stamina for a simple job. Of course you could make “real” bees wax candles once you clean the wax and I use the clean beeswax in my salves.  Heck even if you don’t sell anything at the Farmers market you will learn a skill you can use yourself.

Sorry I have been a bit under the weather with health issues and a bit of financial stress.  I hope I am  getting on on top of  my “issues” and will start posting daily or every other day.  I have been knock for a loop with Diana the peke and getting tossed under the bus with this divorce.  Such is life!


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  1. S.Lynn says:

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better. What a way to start off the New Year. I feel ya when you have a room mate. Son of mine just got out of the Navy and has returned home to live a couple months until he leaves for college in Colorado. Just a challenge to have him pick up after himself as he looks upon it as being on a mini vacation after being held hostage by the US Govt. for 4 years. Can’t say I blame him but glad it’s not a long term arrangement. Must be more modest walking around the house now…all of us. Can’t wait to chat next time I’m in Wilder. House here isn’t selling yet but hopefully spring will bring more showings.

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