It has been just slightly crazy here at Casa de Chaos!

Diana the peke is on the mend from her surgery. The cyst just grew like crazy after her “heat” and really took me by surprised. I am trying a couple of things to keep her comfortable. Instead of an E-collar I’m using some newspaper around her neck to limit her ability to lick the incision. There is a Band-aid prodoct that is an antiseptic/topical analgesic (lidocaine) that seems to help with her discomfort and itching.  This product is made for children so the lidocaine % is very low and should work well for the animals. FYI, Diana was given “carprophen” as an anti-inflammatory/pain killer and it put her off her food.

Mom had to take her peke “Bear” to the vet for an irritated glands/anus. It does not look like cancer but Bear’s heart mummer has moved to stage three in 3 months. The vet is kind of iffy on any timelines but suggested he has another 6 months or so. We have both contributed substantially to the Doggy doctors this week. Though I will say the cost was resonable considering that Diana had surgery and we got some pet drugs and stuff.  Some good news is the chickens are giving us plenty of eggs and enjoy having the back yard to scratch around in the leaves and garden beds. I have stored three, 18 count egg cartons with mineral oil for Mom and I. Now some of the (future) eggs can go to Mom’s friends and bartering.

Needless to say with all that has happened, with unexpected costs so far this month, life has been a tad stressful financially. Overall I think we did very well on limiting electrical costs over December by adding the LED light bulbs to mitigate the additional use of the dryer, hot water and Xmas lights. The water/trash bill is up about $10.00 over 2 months so that isn’t too bad over all.  If you are looking to save on electrical costs I would recommend adding LED bulbs when you find them on sale!  I really like the LED’s color compared to the CFL bulbs and the LED bulbs don’t flicker or need time to warm up to produce light.  A person could replace one 100 watt bulb with fifteen, 40 watt equivalent bulbs for the same electrical power cost.   That is a huge savings on your power bill!

The weather and the “aftermath of moving Mom seems to have caught up with us both physically. Usually SW Idaho is cold, clear and dry in winter but we have been dealing with fog and inversions, though it is relatively warm this winter.  I know I tend to be solar powered and standing in a sunbeam that comes through a window can make my day.

FYI: A neighbor had a gas can explode in his hands! Thank goodness a neighbor ran over to check on the explosion and got the explodee in a shower cooling the burns right away! He has 50% burns over his body, some 3rd degree and he has been moved to a burn center.  Lungs are clear and the victim is on solid food and can move the body, so that is good.  It is sort of scary but it has been good how the neighborhood helped them out in this little disaster.  It will take some recovery time from 3rd degree burns and they will need a bit of assistance for months.  While I can’t help a lot with money, I can help with some of the mental aspects and cooking, yard work and the general mish mash of keeping a household going.  I have been smashed down physically and it was a big deal having someone take me shopping.

Last but not least my kindle screen broke this week. While I have plenty of books, I sort of miss having the kindle.  I found a good deal on a used kindle fire (3rd generation) and a replacement screen for my kindle keyboard. Forty dollars is not a bad price for a new screen for my keyboard kindle and I think I’m capable of installing the new  kindle screen.

Things have been a little difficult, but overall we are getting on top of stuff financially. We have plenty of food and heat and are paying all of the bills.  We are not prepper/survivalist or financially aware because it is the “cool” thing or trendy.  We simply slog through paying our bills and try to make ends meet every month.  Such is life.

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  1. TOR says:

    Money sucks any way we cut it. Glad to hear you and yours are staying above water.

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