Diana is putting on weight and the kindle fire arrived today

It seems that Diana is putting on a little weight. She is just a little wobbly but is out of pain, though the staples and her incision probably itch like crazy. She does have a little seepage around the staples but the Band-aid antiseptic/topiocal pain killer once a day, seems to help reduce the itch.  I have to say that Diana is much more interested in what is happening around her and is now joining us in the livingroom rather than just staying in the PC room under my  desk. Mom’s peke Bear is doing better and adding a bit of weight as well.  One nice thing about Bear is he seems much more relaxed here at the house and not as proned to his little anxiety attacks.  With the chickens giving us about 5 eggs a day it seems that the animals are happy.

One thing I have learned is I really under estimated paper towel and tissue paper usage. While we have plenty for our use, I need to get busy on stocking up if I want to use these items for barter or simply helping out a nieghbor if times get tough. It is very convient that Albertsons has both paper towels and TP going on sale this week and I can restock what has been used, as well as add more to my stockpile.  I am glad I am learning this now rather than after all the stores get cleaned out.

The kindle fire arrived today and I really like it! The kindle fire is a 3rd generation warehouse deal for about $88.00.  I will try and replace the screen on the old kindle keyboard so I have two devices for reading books and with the fire tablet I have games along with movies and tv shows for entertainment. One nice thing is Amazon Prime is still $99.00 for a year so my entertainment costs stayed the same.  I’m looking to get a couple of newer laptops and then build a server to store all my data. While I can’t build a new internet I can build a a solid LAN (Local Area Network) for the neighborhood that will be great for communications as well as entertainment.

I’m sure some will say that I’m silly about trying to run a LAN or use a tablet or PC if there is an EMP or a CME like the Carrington event of the 1850’s . I will admit that I’m not sure if my electronics will survive in my “faraday cages”. But I figure it is worth trying and a EMP, Coronal Mass ejections are somewhat rare events. There was the internet before google and face book. Heck my job in the army was provideng cell phone and network connections over radio links in th middle of nowhere. What has been done once can be done again! I’m not depending on electronics as I have hard copy and books, but if a LAN or WAN is possible I want to make it happen!

Things have a been a bit crazy around here and all of my plans for the first part of this year got shot to hell. I have a plan for creating a fairly substantial emergency cash fund as well as pay a couple of bills ahead of thier due date.  I whine, piss and moan but my head is still above the waterline and I’m doing okay overall.

4 Responses to Diana is putting on weight and the kindle fire arrived today

  1. Matt says:

    With the high gain dishes and Yagi antennas made for 2.4 ghz(?) (Wi-Fi) that I see available on Amazon, any home in your neighborhood should be able to hook up easily.

    I read an article on fox news.com yesterday where a large bunch of local gamers in Cuba had set up a similar mesh network to play games over, share news, share bootleg movies, and simply communicate.

    I’m not for sharing movies illegally, but the rest sounds very interesting.

    • Jamie says:

      Matt: I would never suggest anyone violate any copy rights. I also believe in fair use. While I have not tessted it yet I think my Rokus might be a wifi-hot spot. I have to test that out.

      • Matt says:

        Fair use is by definition…. fair. 🙂

        I’d certainly be interested in hearing
        about how you set it all up when you get around to doing it.

      • Jamie says:

        Matt: I found out the Roku is a Access Point (AP) but it is very short range and it is for the the wireless remote. I was able to setup the kindle fire as a remote using an app from Amazon and it was very easy to use!

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