Shopping lists, savings plans and getting on top of stuff.

I stopped by the Dollar tree and picked up a case, stylus/pen combo and a cleaning cloth for my new kindle fire.  The case isn’t exactly what I wanted, but the case has room for a note pad and the cardboard backing adds a bit of protection.  I like how I have everything contained in one bag that is ready to grab and go. Staples has a laptop pad/docking station I want to take a look at to see if it will work with my plan of a few laptops, tablets and building a server plus LAN for the neighborhood idea. I know it is doable I just need to educate myself using civilian stuff and get the parts.  I can add a couple of the 60 watt equivalent LED bulbs on sale from True Value. I think those bulbs have had a very big impact in our overall energy costs after Mom moved in. I’m not saving money but I’m not spending as much as I anticipated.

I stopped by the new Harbor Freight store and it was filled guys shopping.  The store setup looks good and I found a couple of solar lights I might be able to get without busting the bank. I miss having a Big Lot’s store but Harbor Freight isn’t a bad replacement store.

I have restarted my 52 week cash savings plan and $15 dollars is in the envelope for Jan.  along with a few dollars in the “extra” cash savings envelope. While I’m a bit peeved that I’m not doing better at cash savings, paying the small bills ahead has been working quite well overall. Heck I handled a vet bills of almost $400.00 without a lot of robbing Peter to pay Paul. My plan is to get cash “rich” in my small way and try and get all my re-occurring bills paid forward at least four-six weeks, by the middle of March.  Cash will be “king” at least for a little while if the SHTF. My planning is trying to build up a bit of cash for at least one month’s worth of expenses and then go for 3 months and then 6 months. Can I do it? I have no idea, but I know if I don’t try I will fail.  The PTBs are starting to get a little freaked out about the global economy. I think March/April time frame there could be a crash. But if we get into summer we should have a few more months to stock up. The next “crash” time historically happens at the end of Sept.- Nov. time frame. My time frames are based on history, not traders or charts,  so if you can do that sort of thing more power to you. I would appreciate a “heads up”  and I won’t call you names if you guess wrong because the “markets” are so manipulated that they resemble a casino at best!

For myself, other than my mortgage and my personal loan for the wood stove (paid off this year) I would stay/get out of debt and stay away from any “paper investments” like stocks and bonds and buy tangible goods that preserve your wealth.

6 Responses to Shopping lists, savings plans and getting on top of stuff.

  1. Matt says:

    Jamie, about all we can do is keep plugging away with our plans and see what happens with theirs. No use in getting all worked up over things, at least not until TPTB play their hand.

  2. Jamie says:

    Matt, You are correct. One of the hardest thing to learn is to endure. I know many people that get frustrated and simply want things to end,/change or for economic Armageddon to happen as most humans suck at dealing with open ended goals.

    What has worked for me, avoiding prepper burn out is learning new skills and trying new things as well as stepping up my goals.

    Go out in life and try and screw up learning something new. I assume most of us have at least a couple of weeks worth of food and water. Live off it for a couple days the worst that happens is you save a couple of dollars and you get educated about what you will accept living grid down without water and power.

    It all comes down to what you think you must have, and the steps you can take to have those item on hand. Some folks can live on rice and beans some need meat and fresh veggies. Your life and your choice on priorities.

  3. dee says:

    Haven’t commented in a while, but thought would add my “amens”. If we live everyday living within our means ,saving cash for emergencies like the crown I needed, a few months ago, we are “prepping”, buying sale items in multiples, and having them last the year or so, when they go on sale, is prepping. I don’t wait for the apocalypses to come , I live like they have happened and cope, become we all have had them individually, like the backed of sewer, etc, you spoke of. FEMA ain’t coming to help.

  4. TOR says:

    When it comes to saving cash, unless you have a drug addicted teenager in the house or something, we are usually our own worst enemies. Odds are a lot higher a person will decide to spend their cash from the envelope in the fourth book from the left on the middle shelf than that a burglar will break in and find it.

    Is there some way you could make accessing your cash less convenient?

    Maybe put it in a little box, cut a hole in the drywall then patch it over with the box inside? Maybe buy a not too expensive but aesthetically pleasing old piggy bank that you would have to smash to get inside?

    What about an account at a bank you do not regularly go to without a checkbook or ATM card? While not so useful for say a power outage it would be awful helpful for most normal moderate life emergencies like a vehicle breakdown or home appliance replacement.

    • Jamie says:

      TOR: I’m my worse enemy as you state though I seldom spend the cash foolishly I still spend it. I can save when I put the money in the bank but what I’m trying to do is have the cash on hand.

      I think if I keep working on it I will get the “emergency fund” done.

      • TOR says:

        Jamie, You are certainly better than most in that you are getting good deals on food and such instead of a pizza or a night of bar hopping.

        I’ve found that setting rules for yourself on the exact circumstances during which you will spend the emergency fund helps. Sort of a personal contract thing. “I will spend this money if A, B or C happen,” Maybe it is that you actually think about the whole thing, I don’t know.

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