Shopping done and got some good deals on meat

I spent a bit more shopping at Albertson’s but I got a great deal on some boneless country style pork ribs and 85/15 hamburger “family paks”. While I spent a bit more money than I had anticipated I got a good start at refilling the freezer with meat and I have to admit I was getting a bit tired of chicken. I find I’m sort of craving fresh veggies and for the last two dinners we have had BLTs and then tacos. I enjoy having someone else to cook for and with Mom here at the house I get mostly feedback on the meals I prepare.  Plus I get to cook which I like doing and Mom does the dishes that I don’t like doing that seems like a fair trade of work.

I picked up a 5 pound bag of shredded cheese  and with the hamburger, I can make up some of my real Home baked Mac & Cheese and some mini-meatloaves for the neighbor family with the husband that got burned last week. Both of these items are easy to reheat or freeze until they need a quick meal. It may not be a lot, but their time and energy is focused on the burn victim not meal planning. So I think that the meals will be appreciated.  My meat loaf is about average in taste, not bad but not great. The baked mac & cheese recipe is really good if I do say so myself.

I added a couple of 12 packs of tissue paper and an 8 pack of paper towels. While tissue paper usage has been about what I figured for two females. Mom really goes through the paper towel faster than I ever thought could happen.  It does not help that two of her three dogs are older and have a hard time finding the doggie door to go outside.  I have some good news though Diana the peke is starting to eat wet dog food again!  I accidentally bought wet food with gravy and she scarfed it up, so I am very happy. She is very thin as she slowly stopped eating after taking the carprofen for pain and inflammation. Just like some people, dogs  can have stomach upset from NASIDs like naproxen and Ibuprofen.  Diana is a small peke and while she has never been fat or a chow hound like some dogs, for her to going off her feed for a couple of days is kind of scary. I want her to eat as much as possible without making herself sick.  I suppose I’m  hopeful about her being on the mend because she is starting eat at least soft dog food and does not need to be hand fed.   The Band-aid antiseptic with lidocaine topical pain reliever seems to work well for Diana’s sutures as well as Bear’s small foot injury he acquired yesterday. You don’t want to use it more than a couple of times a day but I think this Band-aid product has a place in your 1st aid kit for both people and pets. So far the dogs don’t seem to like the taste or the feeling of the lidocaine and don’t lick the injury area.

I stopped by True value and added a couple more of the 60 watt equivalent LED bulbs.  While I’m buying these bulbs on sale they are a bit pricey on up front costs. I believe they do make a huge difference on your electrical use and I like the light much better compared to the CFL spiral bulbs. I suppose because I don’t have a lot of background noise in my home I tend to notice the hum and frequency flicker of the CFL bulbs. I don’t really care for the blue tinged light of most CFL bulbs.  If you want to use CFL’s that is cool but I much prefer the LED type bulbs for light and I am slowly replacing all of the CFL  and regular bulbs with LED bulbs. While at True value store I stopped by the 50% off sales rack and picked up a small combo rechargeable flash light/night light for $8.50. The night light is a a soft orange color light but the flashlight is a bright white light when lifted off the charging cradle.  While not an adjustable light for security it should work quite well for a fire or power outage. I’d like to add a couple more for the main areas of my home. While many of prepare for a SHTF, Economic collapse or the Zombie Apocalypse, a house fire or Mama Nature sending a flood or storm that takes out power is about the worst disaster most of us will face short term. Those disasters tend to happen with regularity.

Trust me a sewage drain backing up or going without a water for several days is a disaster for you personally. FEMA is  not coming to aid you and that water main leak is your problem as far as the city in concerned. Be ready for those issues and try to have cash on hand to pay for them, because they will happen.




2 Responses to Shopping done and got some good deals on meat

  1. Matt says:

    Jamie, do the LED bulbs burn less electricity than the CFL? I have never truly liked the CFL bulbs either. Rarely do they last as long as advertised. I’ve actually went back to the standard traditional bulbs in some of my light figures because I hate the CFL so much.

    • Jamie says:

      Matt: From what I have seen the LED bulbs do make a difference in electrical cost. The 40 watt equivelant bulb uses 4.5 watts and the 60 watt equivelant uses 9.5 watts. I have no idea if they will last the 16 years they advertise but the bulbs don’t have the downsides of CFLs.

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