I got the mac & cheese, meatloaf cooked up for the neighbors

I wanted to get the food cooked up for the neighbors. I know it isn’t a lot but this should help a little for a quick meal.  I cooked the mac & cheese in the counter top combo oven. The little oven did a great job and I learned a bit more about what the little oven can do for baking and stuff. I still need to see how bread bakes in the small oven as well as learning to use the convection feature, but overall I have a handle on how the small oven cooks things.  A few reasons I’m using the small oven is to learn how it cooks as all ovens are just a little different heating up and how it cooks.  I can use the oven with my generator plus take it outside is summer to bake that will keep the house cooler. Last but not least is the small oven uses less electricity compared to the big electric oven.

Mom and I have been feeling sort of bad. I’m not sure if it a cold, our conditions or exhaustion from the move. I usually bounce back after a few days and I haven’t done so yet. I won’t say I felt a lot better today but at least I did not feel quite as bad so I got outside to load up a little bit of pine for the wood stove and set it on the porch. One of the hardest things for me is figuring out if I’m sick and need to rest or if the CIDP is acting up and I need to keep trying to do stuff to keep the body as active as possible.  2015 has sort of sucked so far. I think I may use the Chinese New year and hope things get better by the 19th of February.  Calendars are arbitrary human constructs so I can pick any “new year” I want!

I want to let you all know that the Band-aid Anti-septic seems to do a great job on the dogs.  Bear’s cut on his paw seems to be healing up and he is not constantly licking it.  It also has helped keep the area around Diana’s staples cleaned and less irritated.  Diana is starting to eat better but is still awfully thin. She gets her staples out on the 5th and I may ask the vet about giving her a steroid shot as she is still having back problems. Poor little thing has had so many problems lately it’s no wonder she feels awful and was off her feed.

Sorry to whine but life can kick you in the teeth and all you can do is get back up and keep going.  I think that overall things are going about as well as can be expected considering all that has happened in the last few of months. I have worked out with Mom the new budget  and we have a good idea of what additional cost via water and electricity/ phone bills that are happening. It’s tough on Mom as all she has right now is her small SS check and almost half of that goes towards storage of her furniture and stuff.  She can’t touch anything of the assets because of the divorce so she is sitting in a legal and financial limbo.  While I think Mom is being more than fair Dad is hurt and reacting emotionally.  I’m not sure what is going on with his lawyer but they seem to be hell bent on coming after me asking for my SS number and stuff. Perhaps that is how these legal games are played but “Homie don’t play that” and I told Dad to back off or I would get involved.  I will protect my name, honor and integrity that is about all I can call my own and they are extremely valuable to me.

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