Odds and ends

I am feeling okay today. I think I may have sweated out a lot of what was part of a cold or whatever it was a couple of days ago. It seem to help me mentally getting the mac & cheese and little mini-meat loaves done up for the neighbors. Plus adding a few of the party buckets of pine wood to the front porch.  Mom has a bit of a learning curve using the pine as it burns hot and fast in my stove and she had a old Fabco fireplace insert which is not nearly as efficient as my wood stove for heating a house.  I really like using the elm as a long burning wood but I still have a lot of the pine from the mill ends I bought a couple of years ago, so I’m adding that in to stretch the hardwoods.  I’m still learning the best way to heat via the wood stove but I’m glad I have used several types of wood and have a good idea of the best mix.

I like the little plug rechargeable flashlight/night light. The brand name is Eco-Lite and it has rechargeable lithium ion batteries and senses a power outage and will  automatically go to flashlight mode in an power outage. The night light color is a subdued orange color and seems to well as a basic nite lite.  The bulbs are an LED type so they should be long lasting and the lithium-ion batteries should have long life. These lights normally retail for about $17.00 but I got mine for 50% off at $8.49 and I think that is a great value at that price. Adding some safety items like fire extinguishers in several rooms along with basic safety lighting is one of the important items on my to do list this year.  While I keep flashlights in the main rooms , having an easy to find fully  charged flashlight makes life easier.  I think these lights or something like them would be great for kids as they get a nite light and a flash light that is simple to keep charged. If the kid forgets to put the flashlight in it’s charger, he loses his nite lite.  Plus it’s something a parent could notice being missing fairly quickly!  Most house fires are very dark because of the smoke, so having a light to help find your exit can be critical.

While I have not done my list of goals for 2015 safety and security will be a focus of mine. I want to add more lighting, especially motion detectors and I want it to be solar powered as much as possible.  I have a few of the solar powered lights that do great and some are duds, so it takes a bit of time to find out what works.  I also want to add a security camera system and a few motion detector alarms. While not cheap the cost has come down quite a lot in the last few years.  While cameras are great they depend on electric power so I’m looking at some reinforcement of my doors and the door jambs/entry ways.  Security is not about depending on one item. It is a system of several layers that you must try and test to see what works best for you.

2 Responses to Odds and ends

  1. S.Lynn says:

    We had a solar powered motion light on the “blind” side of our house for years. Only went off when the deer walked by but at least it worked. We also installed a concave mirror to reflect the area on the “blind side” of the house. Also put up a concave mirror facing the front door so if we looked out the little windows on top of the front door we could see if someone was there or if a package had been delivered. When I get to Idaho next month I can show you. Our CA escrow should close beginning of March, then it’s fulltime in Idahome!

  2. Jamie says:

    S. Lynne some great ideas using mirrors, but I’m so excited you are getting here in Idaho full time! You will have to adjust as we do tend to move a bit slower in some ways and move faster in others that few high end wanna be aristocrats notice!

    S.Lynne you have now become the landed Aristocracy of Idaho. You own or at least have a mortgage on the wall your back is against.

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