The dryer is having a heat problem and Mom feels she is a bit of a jinx

The dryer is tumbling but not putting out heat. I looked up it up on the internet and it seems I may have caused the problem with the dryer as I never got the vent hose with a straight run connecting it to vent out the house.  I can check a few different items like fuses, wiring and possible broken thermostat that is on the blink in the dryer and repair it myself for only a bit of cash.  I certainly can’t blame Mom or the dryer,  as the dryer came with the house when I bought it in 2003. I hope I can repair the old beast as I don’t care for all these new “efficient” dryers that are sold today. I don’t like the new “Smart” appliances as the seem overly complicated for such simple tasks. Every extra part or function is just another thing that can go wrong or brake down.  Plus if I had to choose a broken appliance the dryer is the easiest one to get by without and I save money on the electric bill not using it.

In a way this provides the motivation to set up my clothesline on the patio.  The clothes will get the benefit of of any breeze for drying yet will protected from the sun that might bleach out colors.  It would not be all that difficult to set up a couple of lines with a small block and tackle setup for the clothes and I have plenty of clothes pins on hand to handle our laundry needs. In a way having the dryer break might be a bit of a blessing in disguise though I will need to add that extra sheet set for Mom’s bed  a bit earlier than planned, new sheets cost a lot less than a new dryer. We have a couple of indoor drying racks and one more rack should handle all of our drying needs, along with the clothes line. Just eliminating the electric dryer would give me additional storage/work space. I have to think on this idea a bit more and see how it might work out for that whole idea of self-reliance.

Diana the peke is still out of pain and eating well after starting the steroid treatment. Steroids are pretty heavy duty drugs for a any medical treatment but so far so good for Diana. Diana is eating well and has finally stopped her weight loss from hurting so bad.  Mom and I are still playing Doggie doctor to Mom’s big black peke Bear. the hemmeriodal cream seems to help with the swelling of his glands/anus and Bear seems okay with his heart valve issues. Thankfully the heart thing does not seem to be a painful condition.  Tonight we tried out some collodial silver on his paw injury as he has been gnawing at the paw after using the Band-aid anti-septic with Lidocaine so he was feeling the injury.  Bear the peke tend to be a bit more nervous than most of Mom’s pekes. In a way I hope being around Diana will help him as he isn’t the only black dog in the pack. Bear is doing better here at the house because there is not quite as much stress.  I have to say that Bear is a very sensitive dog and really gets anxious when the humans or dogs around him are hurt or stressed.

Last but not least we tried out the Culinary Circle frozen Pizza from Albertson’s as Mom was a bit to stressed out to cook. It’s pretty good for a frozen pizza. While everyone has their preferences I liked it as well or better than the Fresheta or Digerno frozen pizza.

5 Responses to The dryer is having a heat problem and Mom feels she is a bit of a jinx

  1. deb h. says:

    hi. look at ‘rural revolution + patrice lewis’.
    she shows a drying rack her husband made that pulls up in the air. it is indoor.
    i have the wood frame from a defunct box spring and plan to make it into a similar drying rack.
    so glad dog is better.

    • Jamie says:

      deb: I saw Patrice’s setup but I don’t need something quite that large. You did give me an Idea though as I have the slats that hold the mattress of my old german beds that might works for additional drying area.

      Thanks about Diana, She is making up for missed meals and doing better. Best of all she is out of pain and enjoying life again!

  2. Matt says:

    Sorry to shove this in here but I figured you’d catch it faster.

    Is this like what we were discussing on a previous posts for a mesh network for the neighborhood?

    • Jamie says:

      Matt: that is so cool. I did not think about using a router as the radio broadcast rather than going straigt wireless.

      I need to check out that you tube channel.

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