Going gray man and why it is so diffacult

If you own property, have a loan or mortgage, served in the military, get government benefits, on the internet or have a driver’s license it is impossible to go gray! I think there are many things that you can do to reduce your “footprint” that can help keep you from setting off the PTB’s radar.  Many of the things you have to do slowly so you don’t set off any red flags because of a noticeable change of patterns. If you want to start going Gray you will be inconvenienced and unable to take advantage of all technology that makes life easier if less private.

Get off social media like face book. If you are a bit curious about Web presence just google your name and you will see just how easy it is for the PTBs to track you down and learn about you. Don’t remove yourself from the web all at once as that may raise a red flag. Get off facebook, twitter or Linked In, over a couple of months. Don’t post photos or take selfies and upload them. Facial recognition is a very big thing to the PTBs. Slowly start encrypting emails and tell folks you are worried about Identity theft.  Create disposable emails and aliases, use proxy servers and browsers like TOR and some of the don’t track me software. Unless you know code or get off the internet completely you will have a presence but you “may” be able to get “lost in the weeds”, along with all of the other people on the internet.

Grocery discount cards and going to mostly to cash for purchases. Use a fake name, if you put your real name on a card simply destroy the card and fill out a new application under a new name and personal information.  You are not breaking any laws by creating an alias for those cards so have a little fun. Create a couple of email addresses for that persona at free email sites. Remember that security is done in layers and no one thing you do will protect your identity. No more than a single dead-bolt lock will protect your home!

I went mostly cash on my purchases in order to save money as giving away those little green pieces of paper seem more real to me  compared to swiping  a plastic card and if I run out, I stop spending! There are time you do want a paper trail for payment on loans and that sort of thing but pay with a check rather than a debit card and write out the item in the “For” section of your check.  I suspect few companies or people pay attention to the “For” sections of checks but that is not your fault. Especially if you are making the final payment on a debt.

In the state of Idaho a concealed carry weapon permit is under your driver’s license number as well, motor/voter laws the registration of your vehicle. In the rural west it is almost impossible to get by without having a car or vehicle.  Things and places you need to go are just too spread out to bike or use a bus a viable transportation option.  It is your choice about what risk you are willing to do in order to live your life and what you can afford if you get caught out.

Even doing a few little privacy protection things will make life less convenient. Is it worth the hassle? I think it is worth the extra effort. Plus you can explain it all away to the” sheeples” in your life that you are doing these things for Identity Theft protection rather than prepping/survivalist stuff.  People will talk,  but most sheep like easy answers that don’t require much thought. So it it will be easy to explain going off face book because of Identity theft or it is no longer hip/cool or whatever the word is people are using.

A person could leave the USA but I wonder where they will go for a safe haven?  I suppose if person is rich enough they maybe welcomed in nearly any country. I make less than $20,000 per year and I doubt many countries will welcome a disabled person on a limited income.  I’m stuck fighting it out here in my way. If you can get away safely, do it!  You will have problems either way but at least you have the option of choosing the problems you want to deal with daily!




6 Responses to Going gray man and why it is so diffacult

  1. Emily Summer says:

    And if you have to go to the doctor you are screwed, too. Especially now that they are going to electronic records and report to the govt with Obamacare or Medicare. Try to stay healthy!

    • Jamie says:

      Emily : So true and now the government requires the doctor to ask all sorts of intrusive questions not relating to your health.

  2. Sixbears says:

    I drew my personal line at Facebook, but then my wife is on. I keep asking her what everyone is up to, so it hardly counts.

    Of course, those of us who blog give up a certain amount of privacy.

    • Jamie says:

      Sixbears: I think the best a person can do is simply try and get lost in the massive amount of data the government collects. The NSA may have massive computing power but since they collect so much data a person is one needle in haystack’s worth of other needles!

  3. kevin says:

    ok with all the stuff that is on line yeah it WOULD be hard to disapp but what if your name is so common that there are 100s with the same name??

    • Jamie says:

      kevin: That is sort of what I was a alluding too as far as getting lost among all the other average people on the net. Human nature tends to ignore the “the boy who calls wolf” until it is too late and the wolf actually shows up. The USA has always gone overboard in my opinion, as far as the technical side of spying. They always have the data but it takes a very well trained analyst to wade through that data and sort the wheat from the chaff so to speak.

      All Humans are flawed and they tend to weight data that fits their biases, more rather than data that does not conform to what they think or what the bosses think.

      Look at the self proclaimed “militant atheist” that decided to shoot 3 muslims over a disputed parking spot. Now the “MSM” is trying to spin that this Atheist was some how infected by osmosis and against his will by the Christian’s and gun culture of the south.

      I suspect it was a long running confrintation over parking spots and the shooter simply snapped. While I can’t speak for others I will admit having a perfectly healthy person pull into a handicapped parking spot before me and then act surprised and sort of offer “the spot” if I wanted it as if they were doing me a favor, can make me wish I could pummel them! I don’t try to shame or punish them and I don’t care about how the person looks except they are an idiot and God can hand out the punishments.

      People will always try to spin/rationalize humans using logic and Logic is often a way to go wrong with confidence. The average government worker slogging through all that mind-numbing data is mostly dreck with out meaning. Have you seen Facebook and Twitter? Mostly snapshots of people you don’t know or care about and a pic of some meal the had at a diner.

      There are “supposdly” over 3 billion Facebook users world wide. The Arab spring revolutions had no problem bypassing the approved government routes of communication. Sure the PTBs can limit easy communication but they can’t stop it. The original internet protocols was intended to bypass nodes/routers and server destroyed by a Nuclear WWIII with the Russians. No government that wants to be part of the global economy can afford to restrict the internet so much it stops people communicating as that will kill all e-commerce and Silcon valley contributes a lot of money to politician to make money on the net.

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