Did a bit of Armageddon shopping this weekend for Electronics and drying clothes

Mom and I did go shopping, I got a small Bissel spot carpet cleaner ($50.00) the savings in toilet paper and paper towels used to clean up after the dogs will payoff the cleaner in a year.  Another reason I like the little spot carpet cleaner is that it is battery powered cordless and it make clean up very easy.  Added a full sheet set for summer for Mom’s bed and I’m trying out some flat sheets that may fit my German bed. I think a normal twin sheet might fit the German mattresses because most American sheets are made to fit thicker pillow-top type mattresses.  I wanted to pick up some of the Egyptian cotton towels on sale at Kmart, yet corporate seems to have reduced the shelf space. I can’t blame them as Kmart does not appeal to most high end shoppers. Trust me a good Egyptian cotton or the highest thread count cotton sheets does make a difference in comfort. Though it is a trade off of quality versus quantity.

This is the second week end of washing clothes and drying them without a heating dryer.  We can use the tumble dry setting for the dryer so that helps somewhat with drying the clothes.  The two small drying racks work okay, but Mom added her tall “mini-green house” shelves that really helped drying out blankets and the sheets. The local True Value store did not have the pulley system I wanted to setup but the local lowes store has them on hand.  Monday I’ll get the pulleys and then setup the clothesline and the shelf/hook brackets that I want to put behind the wood stove. That should give us plenty of space to hang all of the laundry we do weekly to dry in about 24 hours. Adding the vinegar to the rinse cycle like you add fabric softener, has made a huge difference in softening the clothes while drying, along with running the clothes no-heat tumble dry cycle.

We picked up an all in one printer as Mom’s printer decided to die just after she arrived here and was needed for copying/faxes. Lawyers charge a lot of money for copies or any type of paperwork so now we have plenty of printers both large and small for making hard-copies as well as scanning in stuff for electronic storage.  Got a used ($5.00)  digital camera that does not eat batteries like my high end Olympus. I screwed up on that high end camera purchase, a digital camera that gorges on battery power is almost worse than no camera at all. Perhaps I can start adding a few more pics to the blog as we head into spring.

I want to thank Matt for the  you-tube vid about using the Linksys 54 G router with a basic email server via radio freqs any Ham with a tech Lic. can operate. I looked up the Linksys Router on Amazon and you can pick one up for under $30.00. Now most wireless routers I have used have 6 channels so you can use channel 1 as your emergency communication channel and run your basic wireless network on one of the other 5 channels.  While I don’t care for the non encryption required for Han radio networks you could limit access to the router by using MAC addresses of each devices authorised to access the router,  which is a fairly secure alternative to encryption. Security is built in layers and it does not mater if it is your home or your c0mputer/communication network.

I got another of the rechargeable flashlight/night lights off the clearance rack at True Value. If you find these little combo night lite/flashlight for under $10.00 I think you should add them to your prep gear and I think they would be great for kids as a night light/rechargeable flashlight that is simple to use and recharge. I talk about kids but I have seen plenty of so called adult freak out during a little power outage.  This might be something to add to an office or your little cubicle for your GHB. A fully charged LED flashlight is nothing to be sneered at and may prove to be quite useful.

Last but not least Diana the peke responded very well to the steroid therapy but it appears she needs long term steroid treatment as I dropped down to the one tablet every other day and she had very significant pain today, went completely off her food and very wobbly on her legs. I may owe the Vet. an apology as far as the Carprophen putting Diana off her food when it was the pain she was in that turned her off food!  Mom and I got a steroid tablet and half a tramidol into Diana and she started moving much better though a touch fumble footed from the pain killer.  Diana has been doing the steroid treatment for about a week and she may need a bit more time to get somewhat right.  I know the Vet. and I were looking for anything that could help Diana get out of pain and this was sort of an experiment that might help an older dog have a good quality of life and not be put down.  It will take a bit more time to get her healed up but the steroid treatment has really worked wonders for Diana the peke! I have plenty of tramidol on hand to handle her pain issues so I don’t need to pay for that prescription. Some more of the steroid pills for nerve/back pain should put her right and hopefully heal her up!


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  1. Matt says:

    Jamie on the same youtube channel, the guy used the same unit (thus keeping it legal for encryption) but didn’t alter the operating software and then with his smart phones and a LEGAL encryption app for the phones, was able to use set up a network this way.

    From what I gather it’s a walkie talkie app. Meaning everyone on the network would be able to hear your conversation with one person ie not like a phone call.

    http://youtu.be/youElAJGmgM part 1

    http://youtu.be/aeER-EB6Axo part 2

    so depending on how you want to set up the mesh network, there is at least a way to encrypt voice communications

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