A few different priorities and a time crunch

It seems that I have been in recovery mode since the mad dash to get Mom moved in and then the Holidays hit. So all of Feb. has evolved in crisis management and getting by until we find a fix for how life goes.  I hate “crisis management” and I prepare so I can avoid that situation as much as possible.  Overall I give think we rated a 7 out of 10 for handling the move and the divorce things that were time critical, though I underestimated the rest and recovery part of this little event.  Plus we had a few minor little items of critters getting sick as well as a major appliance deciding it was a good time to stop working. So both cash reserves took a hit and trying out new work arounds for dealing with a broke dryer added some stress.

I was going to add the pulley clothes line to my patio when I noticed a couple of Eye hooks from my patio to a beam planted in the backyard that looks like it held a clothesline. While the clothes line crosses the yard the impact on my work should be minimal and the drying clothes will still be protect from the full force of the sun yet catch more of the wind to assist in drying. Screwing the J-Hooks into the wood will be easy and I can slip the pulleys off the hooks if a really nasty windstorm comes through the area.  So far Mom and I can dry almost everything we wash inside using drying racks around the wood stove though the living room feels a bit crowded. Adding the clothes line will eliminate that little problem in good weather.

Mom has another knee surgery coming up in March that we hope the surgeon can clean up the scar tissue build up from the last surgery. So Mom will be less than 100% going into Spring and I will have to help her while she has limited mobility.  I have to say Mom has spoiled me with all she is doing, from the dishes/cleanup and assisting  my little projects. While I can do many things myself having and extra pair of hands an extra set of eyes or someone to bounce around ideas and brainstorm is wonderful! I sort of envy couples and families that are on the same wavelength about financial stuff and prepping.  While there can be a difference in priorities, they do find a way to get the critical stuff done.

I finally replace the toilet tank bolts and I still have a drip.  I have a very hard time calibrating “hand-tightening” bolts as my strength is much weaker compared to most people.  I think since the tank is older I may have to use wider rubber washers compared to the standard or add water proof putty/sealant of some sort. I don’t want to replace my old fashioned toilet for a new water saving type that require 2-3 flushes to work. I think I’m getting close to stopping the small leak but it is taking more time and effort than I originally thought.   If you decide to use a hose to drain your modern washer rather than use the sewage/drain line make sure it is kink free and less than 25 feet or less in length.  Based on my experience a washer will not get rid of all the water via the spin/rinse cycles using a 50 foot or a kinked hose.

Some new developments might be coming up here at Casa de Chaos, that I hope may work out for a small income stream and perhaps a teaching opportunity for me.  It’s funny that the “Progressives” think all good must be government mandated and truly hate preppers/survivalists that teach people to be independent and self reliant.


2 Responses to A few different priorities and a time crunch

  1. Sixbears says:

    Sometimes all you can do is eat the elephant one bite at a time. Eventually it gets done.

    I’m not a big fan of crisis mode myself, but what can you do?

  2. Jamie says:

    Sixbears: I’m not sure things will get done but they sure will get different! I do whine a bit, but you do your best and if it works great if not you simply adjust.
    How do you handle it? You just do it. I have the rest of my life to try new things and a leaky toilet while annoying does not define my worth as a person!

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