ARRRGH! I broke the toilet tank

Well so much for tightening up the bolts with a wrench. I went very slowly but there is no warning when you crack the porcelain, but the floor is very clean now! I have not found a replacement tank yet though I’m checking out some of the 2nd hand/recycle stores for a tank or even a used toilet that has a tank that will fit my toilet.  It might be that the tank already had some cracks or chipping around the bolt holes and that is why it was leaking.  While my learning curve has been high I’m glad I have been replacing water shut off valves as this makes it easy to isolate the problem without turning off the water main. Having those valves makes this broken tank mildly inconvenient rather than an emergency.

I don’t want to scare anyone away from trying out some DIY repairs.  Making mistakes has always been a part of my learning process. So while a little peeved about breaking the tank but,  if I could not fix the leak I would have had to buy a new tank or toilet anyway. I learned a very valuable lesson about how to tighten bolts on porcelain so it was not a total loss!  These are things I sort of count as my cost of education.  I think having the ability to do minor repairs around the house will be a critical skill in the future. The tools and parts you have on hand for those repairs should be part of your prepping.  Minor plumbing is one of the best skills you can learn and practice. I’m not belittling skilled plumbers as they craftsman who can do a job efficiently. But I have worked electronics repair and I’m sure it as frustrating to a “good” plumber to have to clear a clog as it was for me to tell a person to defrag a hard drive and run a scan. Sure you get paid for the house call and it pays the bills but the simple things that anyone could repair is actually a waste of the knowledge and skill. I’m sure there are more than a few of those guys that want to add to the bill a “Stupid tax”.  Goodness knows I wanted to add that tax to some of the repairs I did on PCs.

Mom and I are hoping to do our “walk” around downtown Nampa Friday rather than Karcher Mall.  Of course a little storm is moving in, but as long as it isn’t to windy or rainy we can handle it. I want to take Mom to lunch for her birthday as well as see all of changes they are making to the downtown area.  Downtown Nampa has become a great place for small business and this summer a new Co-Op is going in along with the Farmer’s market and new shops it is getting a nice make over. I’m not quite sure how to explain it but the driving force seems to be high-tech, but back to land sort of Millennial generation, if that does not sound like a contradiction in terms.

These are the kids that did the “right” things they were  told to be a success.  But found no jobs and got saddled with massive debt. But what is so cool is how many are not whiners and they got to work on raising chickens, growing gardens and making food from scratch.  They also embrace social networking, streaming shows over the internet and using technology.  They have embraced rain barrels and solar panels, wood stoves and Ipads and they don’t see any dichotomy nor are they Luddites to decry all technology as evil. I’m not one to say “kids these days are soft”  while some are that live in a protected bubble. A lot of kids are changing things for the better and incorporating old school skills with high tech.  These kids are creating wireless mesh networks, cell phone apps that turn every cell phone into a walkie-talkie, some are working the Ham radio freqs and satellite uplinks into a internet that mostly bypasses the gate keepers. I can kill my Internet connection and still print flyers on my little $20.00 printer no matter what the PTBs do to stifle dissent the people will find a way to communicate and trade!

The director of DHS Jeh Johnson thinks Sovereign Citizen movement is critical because in the last 4 years Nation-wide there have been approx. 24 shoot outs with cops that maybe connected.  In Chicago there have been over 500 shootings that were declared gang-related in 2014 alone.  No, I don’t see the average sovereign citizen as a critical threat to me and mine. Always remember to put statistics in prospective. There are over 315 million Americans in the USA according to the last census. 24 incidents of “violence” is about the equivalent of folks that have Bic lighters exploding in their pants and burning down a home.

2 Responses to ARRRGH! I broke the toilet tank

  1. I think that you are right about their being cracks that caused the leaks. If you were being careful, I doubt you over tightened.

    One day, this guy whose computer I kept working called me because he got a message saying was not the administrator or something. He begged me to drive three miles to his house about 9:30 one night. He was persistent and would not just turn the computer off, wait a bit, and turn it back on. So, I went and did the “repair.” He ran outside to smoke because he was nervous. I did turn the computer off, waited two minutes, and turned it back on. He rushed in when I called to him, peeled off a twenty, and I left. He never learned one thing about his computer.

    • Jamie says:

      Practical, Yep that darn toilet was cracked and only the nut and gasket held the the tank together to prevent a massive leak.

      Not all bad news since I have all the “guts” on hand for the replacement tank/toilet.

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