Toilet tank was cracked before I finished breaking it

I pulled the tank off the toilet and removed all the bolts and new guts I had installed in order to use the part for the replacement tank. When I removed the nut for the overflow pipe the tank just fell into two pieces. No wonder I had a heck of a time trying to find/fix the leak! Lesson learned; if the tank leaks and the floor is getting wet, pull the tank and inspect it for cracks. The toilet bowl looks good and I have not found any cracks around the bolt holes for attaching the tank.  I think I can get a replacement toilet at one of the 2nd hand/recycled building materials stores for around $25.00. I put the broken tank in the mini-van so I can make sure everything will match up before I buy the replacement toilet/tank.

If you have one of those 2nd hand/recycling building supply stores in your area it is something to check out for parts and stuff to repair your home. One of the stores in Nampa is affiliated with Habitat for Humanity and has all kinds of furniture and stuff donated from a motel/hotel when they updated their interior decor.  You can get some matching furniture pieces for a very good price and it is usually in good condition if just a bit dated for interior design colors the lines of the furniture are classic and nothing says you can’t re-cover or get a fabric furniture cover in the color you like until you can afford the furniture you want in your home. While a tad more expensive than  the”plastic milk crates/cinder block look” the furniture is of good quality.  I found some items that could make great book shelves though the original purpose may have been bed head boards that hung on the wall of the motel room. These head boards have a wood finished and molding attached that will help keep things in place.  While not the built-in wrap around the room bookshelves I have always wanted, I think a few of these “headboards” could work as a shelves for both books and potted plants in my front bedroom.

Mom and I walked Downtown Nampa and found some very cool 2nd hand shops used books and antique stores. We stopped by the candy store and I bought Mom some taffy and chocolate then headed for Messenger Pizza.  I don’t normally like thin crust pizza but this place is the exception. A slice of pizza takes two paper plates and the also have a nice salad bar, fresh made bread and rolls and craft beers. Mom had the Clam chowder in a homemade wheat sourdough bowl and said it is some of the best clam chowder she has tasted! Mom worked food service for years so she knows good food! I sort of think of myself as a “foodie” but Mom has more years experience compared to me. Eating out is a treat and with food inflation, if you get a good meal for under $10.00 per person you are getting good value.

I finally got the J-hooks, pulleys and rope up for the clothes line on the patio. Funny it was supposed to be damp weather today and as soon as I got the system set up the clouds broke away the Sun came out and stayed all day.  The temp. got up to 45 degrees F. with very little wind. While the clothes did not completely dry in about 6 hours on the line they dried much more than I expected.  The J-hooks and pulley system worked out better than expected under less than optimal conditions. Four loads of wet clothes from heavy towels to sheets to jeans cleaned and dried in less than 12 hours utilizing a new outdoor clothes line and a few drying racks around the wood stove. Overall, not bad results for a non-electric drying system in February.  I may just buy some clothes line and tie it off via the Eye hooks that were used before I moved into this house. Then I will have another cheap clothesline that can take advantage of any breezes and sunshine.

Diana the peke is not getting better with the Steroid treatment.  Oh it helps keep her mobile and somewhat out of pain, but it is not curing what is wrong with her back. It’s a little early but I’m going to try a half tablet daily dosage of the Predisone and see how Diana does on that dosage. While I don’t like the idea of long term oral steroids, my next option is putting her down as I can’t afford major surgery on a 12 year old dog. Diana has been a great dog and I will not see her in pain just because I want her in my life. Perhaps the vet will give me a prescription for steroids as a maintenance dosage. I understand the vet’s point of view of using steroids long term but the treatment options I can afford are limited. Even if I was rich investing several thousand dollars in a 12 year old dog is stupid at best. Keeping the dog out of pain as long as possible is best as I see it and if Diana the peke  needs to move on.  I’m good with that though I will miss her.



2 Responses to Toilet tank was cracked before I finished breaking it

  1. Pete says:

    I like your position on your pet…I love mine dearly but when it’s time to say good bye, it’s TIME to say Good Bye! I have seen so many people wreck their financial lives by trying to save a pet that has just run out of time.

    • Jamie says:

      Pete We have had some good news with the pets. Diana seems to be responding to the steroids 1/2 tablet. Mom’s peke Bear is eating better and doing well on the carprophen anti-inflamitory.

      Like us people at Casa de Chaos, the dogs get “stoved up and sore during weather changes”.

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