New roosts installed in the chicken house and decorating via 2nd hand stores

I got the the shelving brackets installed in the chicken shed.  The bracket I used are the type with a hook that has a place for a dowel to hang a rod for hanging clothes. The roost bar is lower and I think how we have placed them will make cleaning  much easier. Where we installed the the first roost was in a bad spot and a bit higher than we should have done for placement.  We also managed to place the roost that made working in the shed in about the worst spot for us humans.  While Mom and I are hard-headed it sucks to keep smacking our noggins on a hardwood dowel everyday just to feed and get eggs. The egg production may go down a bit as the hens get used to the new roosts but we have plenty of eggs stored covered with mineral oil in the basement so we are good to go.

On Mom’s birthday last month we walked the Nampa Downtown area and stopped into some great antique shops as well as some 2nd hand stores that have “Habitat for Humanity” links for donations.  All of the measurements seem correct on a toilet replacement tank though I have to buy the whole toilet for $25.00. If the tank fits I can use the bowl as a fun planter in the garden otherwise I will have to replace the entire toilet. Even in a worse case scenario of replacing the entire toilet buying 2nd hand is a bargain.  I got a lovely print of red poppies on a field of yellow with a few pines in the background, framed for under $3.00 with my military discount. A nice bonus having Mom around, is she helps me with colors as I’m slightly Blue/Yellow color blind. I can see all colors but I do not to see pastels well and  some “tones” of colors give me fits that are not primary colors.  Mom says the new picture is great and really “pops” the colors in the living room and adds a nice counter-point to the living room colors.

Mom is having another knee surgery the 12th of this month so we are trying to finish up all 2 person jobs before her surgery. Mom has a few additional expenses this month via the divorce and taxes, so money has gotten a bit tight again! But overall we are in good shape and can absorb these little monetary surprises. I am a bit spoiled by having Mom around, as she jumps in and helps on my little projects.

If you have frozen veggies like broccoli, brussel sprouts or cauliflower, they taste great roasted in an oven. I bake at about 400 degrees for 15  minutes and then broil for about 5 minutes for a good char. I toss the veggies is melted butter with a pinch of salt and cracked pepper then toss it in the pan to bake.  I think the veggies taste much better and don’t get mushy or soggy compared to boiling them in water. You can use this technique of cooking veggies on a grill and it might work even better for taste. Never pass up an opportunity to add flavor to your cooking.

I bake my own artisan type bread and I let it rise in the fridge and don’t force gluten formation.  I saw a very interesting article about many bakeries tend to force gluten formation in baked goods via additional chemicals. I understand why some bakeries would do this because time is money. Making your own 5 minute Artisan bread makes more sense and is healthy.  My Mom is not a big bread eater but she has no problem eating my white bread.  Give her a store bought bread and her IBS kicks in big time. Very small sample and I do not believe correlation and causation are the same things. I don’t think gluten is a bad thing.  I do think all the extra chemicals to produce gluten quickly commercially is less than optimal for your diet.  You don’t have knead bread and simply leave it in the fridge for a day or two and it makes great bread.



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  1. S.Lynn says:

    I roast those vegi’s with garlic olive oil, S&P and red pepper flakes. gets me to eat my vegi’s. i am finally moved in to the Wilder home. Must downsize tremendously. Will let you know when the yard sale will be.

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