Mom’s surgery is off the schedule! Puttering around.

Mom’s knee surgeon put a halt to cutting some more on her knee. I like a surgeon that is willing to wait and see how things work out.  Mom has a bit of pain and some mobility issues, but she has a leg and can tolerate the pain for a few months if her her doc doesn’t have a warm and fuzzy feeling about a successful surgery! Mom has been under a bit of stress with the divorce so putting off the knee surgery was not a hard choice for her. Mom’s surgeon says that he knows another surgeon that is learning a new technique for people that have repeated knee replacements and he wants to wait until fall when the other surgeon can show Mom’s Doctor how to do the new surgical technique.

I moved the chicken roosts for Mom and she seems pleased and the chickens seem happy.  Using the shelving brackets made the adjustments fairly simple. I don’t like the position of one of the roosts but they are not my chickens. Mom knows much more than I do about having chickens. I have read that having different height roosts can be either a plus or minus in regards of the “pecking order”.  I think having a larger shed and the longer roost bars seem to make the birds less aggressive and calmer.  Like many critters if they are stressed, they tend to get aggressive.  So far the birds seem happy and they are digging in my compost pile helping to turn it over!

The replacement toilet tank does not fit so I will have to replace the entire toilet. The plumbing gods seem to be hell bent on teaching me most aspects of plumbing and making sure I get it correct.  So far I have replaced everything both inside and out on this toilet.  It looks like the old toilet was installed incorrectly on the wax ring, so instead of getting a new ring it looks like they just added layers of silicone caulk between the floor and the toilet. I had to cut and scrape off the caulk and what was left of the old wax seal. I used a rubber and foam gasket (Wax-free Seal) from “Korky” that replaces the old wax-type gaskets. Using this gasket is super easy, clean and you can reposition the toilet if you make a mistake. This toilet does not rock at all, though the old toilet did just a little bit.

Some lessons learned:

  • Taking the tank off the bowl makes the bowl much easier to install.
  • Use a wax-free seal might be a little more expensive but it cuts down on the cursing if you screw up.
  • If you are on your first time doing a project watching the Youtube videos before starting seemed to make the job easier for me to accomplish.
  • A deep well socket works much better holding the tank bolt nuts compared to using a wrench or channel locks.
  • Get new brass bolts, guts and gaskets if you bought a used toilet that will help prevent leaks plus the next idiot to repair or replace the toilet might be you.

Overall the replacing the toilet was a simple job but I am glad that I had gone through all of the repairs trying to fix the tank leak. I had all new guts and bolts for the used toilet I bought and I learned how to do most every type of repair job fixing a leaky toilet. Even with buying all new bolts, gasket and guts I spent about $50.00 and I got a “new” old 3 gallon flush toilet!

Last but not least, Diana the peake is doing okay on her first day completely off the steroids. She is a little wobbly and seems more sensitive to weather changes but she has gone back to her normal schedule today. I’m hoping we will have a few more years together.


3 Responses to Mom’s surgery is off the schedule! Puttering around.

  1. Using two wax seals is usually better than using just one.

  2. Well, I did not mean to post that. When I was on steroids, going off them was horrible. I just wanted to lie down and die. Hope your dog feels better than I did. Of course, I perked up after about a week.

    • Jamie says:

      Practical: No worries, I dreaded the wax seals but this new waxfree seal looks like the way to go.

      So far Diana seems to be doing okay coming off the steroids. I had a very atypical reaction to taking steroids. I didn’t seem to have much of a reaction taking the steroids or when I came off of them. Most people have a severe reaction taking and/or coming off of them but I didn’t see much change in me.

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