I’m still working on the toilet tank’s last tiny leak

The last gasket I need to replace is the one on the overfill pipe and I think that is where the leak is happening on this toilet. I will stop by lowes, hopefully I can just buy the gasket/seal and not the entire overflow pipe section.  I should have noticed that the overflow pipe rubber seal was starting to crumble due to age. I would recommend if you are working on an older toilet is buy all new gaskets and seals and replace them or buy a complete replacement kit. If nothing else you will save gas by not making so many trips to the hardware store!

While the tank to bowl connection has been a pain, the wax-free bowl to floor connection seems to be working out! I haven’t sen any problems with any leaks or seepage of water around the base of the toilet. I used the “Korky” model 6000 but there are a few other manufactures that are making the wax-free gaskets. While I was in lowes talking to the cashier about the wax-free gasket she said she was happy to learn the wax free model works as she has a toilet that needs replaced in her house.

I got a couple more books on basic home repairs along with doing some internet research. I’m learning a lot of basic theory as well as how badly some of the stuff in this house was done by the previous owners.  Considering how badly things were installed, it is amazing how long things have lasted without a major problem!  I can’t really blame the previous owners much as some people simply make do and many DIY types only want to learn the “how to do something” rather than why you should do things this way because…..

I’m a big believer in learning theory first and then learning the practical application of that theory.  Now that I’m learning about how many things that were done incorrectly based on theory I now see the house is very good because of how long things lasted before I had to start trying to fix things.  I never thought about the diameter of my washer’s drain hose and if it was to thick or that a bit of air was needed for the drain to work properly.  I would have sealed the pipe against water leaking when what I should have done is give the pipe more air to breathe and break the vacuum created by water and air pressure. It’s no wonder my pipes clogged up as I was basically recreating what a kid does when the play with a straw plugging one end and creating a small vacuum so the straw will hold a liquid in spite of gravity.  If you have ever used a siphon you know that you can move a liquid by air pressure alone and the liquid will defy gravity as long as the change in air pressure is maintained.  As soon as you release the air pressure the fluid follows gravity.

Quick Clamps also work as a modified plumbers wrench on plastic nuts or valves while you unscrew nuts. The quick clamps are easy to use and have padded jaws to protect against abrasions.  Also very helpful if you don’t have a third hand to hold thing together while you attach screws or nails.

That’s about it for repairs around the house. We are burning mostly millends in the morning to just take the edge off the morning chill. I have a much better idea about how much wood I need to store and it is more than what I originally thought.  What else is new? I figure about 3 cords of hard wood should get me through most winters but having at least 6 cords on hand would be a good start for my preps. Ten cords of mixed wood on hand would make me feel confident about my prepping needs.  Can I do it? I have know idea but it is a goal to work for and achieve.



2 Responses to I’m still working on the toilet tank’s last tiny leak

  1. S.Lynn says:

    Just did 3 trips to ACE and one to Home Depot this weekend trying to replace all the rotted guts in the spare bath toilet tank. Why aren’t all plumbing parts universally sized?

  2. Jamie says:

    S.Lynne: I feel your pain as toilet installation is not simple.
    First measurment is the “rough in” that is usually about 12 inches from the wall to the drain pipe. The toilet bowl floor bolts usually are even with the toilet drain pipe. Don’t use a wax seal via the drain pipe to bowl seal but get a “Korky” waxless gasket. Follow the directions and the bowl is super easy to install.

    Toilet tanks seem to be many of the leaks involve in toilets. Work on the toilet tank over a sink and make sure all leaks are fixed before you attach the tank to the bowl. Install all new guts and test for leaks over the sink, before you attach the tank to the bowl. Cheap food dye works great for testing the tank for leaks. condensation on the outside of the tank may look like a leak but if you add the food dye you will know if the tank is leaking or it is the tank “sweating”.

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