Still working on the tank leak and adding a fan to dry clothes

I’m having a hard time getting the tank to sit level on the bowl. The “Spud” or tank to bowl  gasket is showing an indentation that is sort of an oval rather than a circle.  I’m still sort of guessing about where the leak is actually occurring,  if it is at the tank bolts or at the flush valve. What I will try is getting the bolts installed but use the thin nut on the bottom or the tank to ensure the bolts are not leaking as well as installing the all the flush valve gaskets and make sure they do not leak before I attach the tank to the bowl.  In order to do that test I will put the tank over the kitchen sink and work on any tank leaks. If I can get the tank leak proof over the kitchen sink then it should be easier to trace any other leaks to the gasket between the tank and bowl.  Working at the kitchen sink will save my back and knees bending over that toilet, plus I can actually see where any leaks are coming from rather than having to guess and keep attaching the tank to the bowl for every test.

The clothes line on the patio helps to dry clothes even on rainy days thought it is not perfect. I added a fan in the spare bedroom that seem to help with drying clothes on the drying racks but it still takes about 8-12 hours to get two large loads of laundry dried in “spring like” weather.  Using a hose to bypass the sewage system/drain works okay for about 10 loads but if you have a long run of hose over 10 feet or so, the washer may not have enough pressure to rinse away all dirt.  If you are planing to bypass the sewer system you need to think about how you will drain your washer if you plan to use it in a grid down situation.  I have learned you can not simply add a hose long enough for another drain or run it outside the house.

I would recommend you try out a three day up to a two-week test what you plan to do in a disaster.  Even a three day test of your preps can be very educational. But a couple of weeks of testing made me realize how all that effort can grind you down and wear you out both physically and mentally.  I knew I could stop my tests at anytime, if the SHTF you will have no idea when things could get back to “normal”.  All I can say if a disaster happens, you will have the confidence to take on life in those small chunks of three days or two weeks rather than a day or hour at a time.

By prepping or being a survivalist does not mean you will get out of any disaster unscathed. You are simply increasing your odds  at survival.  If I get shot or beat down in a riot or my house collapses on me, my life expectancy is darn low. I can learn and be aware of these things but stuff  happens out of your control and you do your best not because you will survive, you simply try to stack the odds in favor of you surviving.  As far as I know everyone dies, and I have faced that prospect a couple of times. I find I want to live. I don’t need life/survival to easy, though I like easy! I’m also willing to work for survival and life!

Your preps and survival is on you! If you want to go Rambo that is on you. I want to be around the people that start a garden, fail and start a garden the next year.  I like people that are willing to risk failure and learn from it.  I don’t want a perfect person, I want those that try and fail time and again and learn from those failures.  Heck it’s nothing more than our ancestors did coming to a new land and try to make a living from it.

I think you should go out and embrace failure! Then learn a bit and fail again. Sometimes you feel like an idiot but if you never fail, you will never learn. Try something new and if you fail, embrace it and learn from your mistakes. If you don’t fail you have a new skill. It’s a Win/Win.

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