Progress on the toilet and I feel frustrated!

Well working on the tank over the kitchen sink made finding the leak much easier than bolting the tank down and unbolting to the toilet bowl. Right now it is a bit difficult to know if the very slow drip is from the tank “sweating” or if I need to tighten the bolts between the tank and the bowl. I never noticed tank condensation problem before as I always focused on the leak but I may have to insulate the tank to stop the “sweating” problem.  I think I have basically fix/installed  the toilet but it may need a few more tweaks to be perfect. I can add a bit of food dye to the tank and see if the water is coming from the tank or from condensation. Huzzah no leaks at the tank via food dye, so the plumbing fixes I did are solid. The condensation/sweating problem seem to be search for a balance after the fixing of the tank.

This check, I want to get the ABS pipe, trap and elbows for the washer drain so I can correctly install the drain. I think the pipe stack may need a good cleaning out via the roof vent.  I can get the drain up to code and put in a “clean out” that will make future clogs much easier to handle.  I was a bit leery about cutting the ABS pipe and gluing it together but the repair I did under the kitchen sink last fall cutting and using glue was actually easier than trying to find the right pipe angles that screwed together.

I need to start replacing all faucets as most seem to be wearing out and have a few extra drips after turning they are turned off.  I have been looking at faucets that are ADA compliant that will be easier for me to use with my limited strength. Plus most of the ADA compliant handles resemble the old 1930’s Art deco/farm house look that I really like.  For the kitchen I want a high rise faucet and I saw a few good brand name ones at the local True value store for under $100.00. Though I can’t afford that right now! If I can get the big bathroom sink faucet installed this week I will call repairs good enough for now.

I’m feeling “stressed” right now, not because I can’t make it financially month to month. I simply want to do more to prepare and I’m having to guess what the most critical priority and I have so many choices yet not enough money to do all I want to get done.  My decision matrix is FUBAR and I can’t seem to find the goals I should focus on this year.  In a way it feels like I’m half-assing stuff though I know I’m not because, I’m working hard on getting things right fixing up the house.  In a way I feel beat down because I seem to be focusing on things I haven’t done rather than the things I have accomplished.

I got the compost heap, watered and turned over today.  I should have done it earlier as Mom’s chicken house cleaning added a lot of organic material to the heap. While a couple of  pallet sized heaps may look a bit daunting to turn over it is do able in few blocks of work of 15-20 minutes. I think 2 bins are less than optimal and you need three bins depending on your compost situation.

I like to fix things, in fact I can get quite agitated if things don’t get fixed.  I added some food dye to the  toilet tank and while the flapper need replaced the tank seems solid.


4 Responses to Progress on the toilet and I feel frustrated!

  1. Ann says:

    Maybe you need to stop prepping and just coast for awhile. Build up your savings and spend down time refocusing on what you need to do and what you want to do. I think we all need to take a big step back occasionally to evaluate where we are and where we want to be a year down the road..

    • Jamie says:

      Ann: You are so right and I am doing better after my little rant. Overall I’m diong very good I have a year’s worth of bulk food I know how to use/cook, plenty of potable water in storage for at least 6 months and another 150 gallon rain barrel system that could be expanded another100-150 gallons. I’m a little low on fire wood this spring but that is normal for newbies using a wood stove.

      My biggest problem is I focused on what I could not get done rather than things I got done and was doing. Plus spring always means pain because of the changing weather and Daylight savings time always puts me in a poopy mood!

  2. After all I have read about you doing, I need some rest. I bet you do, too. Make a nice list of what you have done. Make a list of things you want to do, need to do, small and large tasks. As you check those off daily, weekly, and further out, you will see you do lots. Plus, you can use the to-do list to determine just what you want to do first. Rest after this commode fix. You wore me out.

  3. Jamie says:

    I do get a bit crazy on repair projects of any type and making them work. I’m getting centered mentally again as I do tend to get off on tangents if I don’t have well defined goals.
    I suppose the PTBs will add me to another list, besides the 72 others I should be on.

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