Life is not cooperating with my plans, but I got my glasses

Building the potato tower got pushed towards the end of this week because it might snow this week. I finished up the cutting and drying all the seed potatoes .  It will be interesting to see how much straw and dirt it will take to fill up the tall tower. I’m very consistent at under-estimating how much soil I need to get for my garden projects.  If I have to add more soil when I get my next check so be it. I don’t think it should make a big difference come harvest time.

I planted a  couple of “organic” garlic cloves in the front yard bed that had sprouted. I know it is the wrong time of year for planting garlic but with it so cool it is worth a try to see if the garlic can grow there.  I got a few more of the branches cut up and added more of the pruned grape canes to the trash. Last but not least I added egg shells to my my small raised beds. I rinse the shells and then “nuke” them for a minute to kill off any bad stuff like salmonella. It will be another four weeks before I can get my plants in the garden so the eggshells will add some good minerals without adding any bad germs/bacteria.

I’m still working out a few ideas to protect the garden beds from the chickens when they are let out.  So far the birds don’t scratch in areas with a small protective fence as long as they have other areas to scratch. Of course that might change if the birds see new vegetation growing in the garden.  Mom bought a roll of chicken wire and I have some 1″x 2″ boards I can add to the raised beds if I don’t come up with a long term solution.  Overall I think the chickens have been great for working the back yard soil and giving me compost but they do tend to be a bit random on what parts of the back yard they scratch. A chicken tractor would be a good long term solution but cost wise I’ll probably go with fencing off the garden area this year.

Mom did the deposition with the lawyers. Four hours of repetitive questions and some strange things with the opposing lawyer sneaking in a settlement that Mom supposedly wrote because the “font” was the same as all the other papers she has submitted. Mom did stuff on Microsoft office word which is usually a default to 10-12 point New Times Roman or Arial font. I mean if she “owns” a font I want to know about it and we can start charging all those software companies using “her” font!  Just basic silliness like that, Mom took a cruise and Mom went to Germany except Dad was with her taking the cruise and went to Germany and stayed in my home for free for two weeks.  Heck I rented a little Mercedes E series sedan for a week series so they could see the sites.  I won’t say going to Germany  is a cheap vacation but not paying for room and board sure makes it much cheaper compared to living in a hotel!   I suppose that’s how the “law” game is played now but I don’t have to like it!

Picked up my glasses today and wow they sure make a difference. It will take some time to adjust to the bifocal lenses but the long range vision improvement is outstanding! I really liked driving when using to prescription sunglasses (distance vision only). Everything was sharp and crisp even thought the day was overcast.  My eyes do feel a little strained tonight after using the bi-focals especially reading or using the PC as I’m still getting used to how I should look through the lenses. I figure withing a week or so it should become second nature how to look through the lenses correctly, though I may have to adjust my PC screen lower/farther away on my desk.  Overall I am very pleased with both pairs of glasses. One weird thing is my depth perception is back and I had not realized how much I was cheating and playing things safe while working with tools and driving.

I know that coming up with $150.00 is not easy when living on a fixed income but prepping isn’t just about stuff like storing food and water. Making sure you are as physically capable/healthy as possible should be one of your first prepping goals.  As per usual, I did things in the wrong order! One of the biggest reasons I do this blog is so people can learn from my mistakes. Don’t worry you will probably make mistakes but at least learn from others so you go and make unique and original mistakes, so we can all learn from them. One thing I learned in the Army if you don’t screw-up occasionally you are only playing it safe and not learning. Embrace failure! That is how you learn, just try and make all mistakes small enough that you can pay to have it done right and watch the “professionals” at work and learn from them!

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