Planting pansies and trimming up stuff

The pansies from Fred Meyer’s are planted in the back yard flower bed.  I think they got a little root bound but they should bounce back with having good soil and room to expand. I set up a small border fence to protect them from the chickens scratching around.  Mom’s chickens are sort of lazy and they can forage most of the backyard so the birds don’t work all that hard to get in the flower/garden beds if they see a small fence or other barrier.  Deep mulch seems almost irresistible to the birds but so far the cheap little garden fences do a good job keeping the birds out of my new little flower beds.

I got all  of the elm branches trimmed up. Little stuff in the garbage can and the larger chunks in the kindling bucket. I have 3  branches that need to use the small chain saw on rather than the loppers. Overall I was darned pleased how quickly the job was done. About an hour of work with the loppers filled a trash can and some kindling bucket for the next fire wood season.  I weed wacked a few weeds but dumping wood ash in the alley has done a a very good job killing out many of the nasty weeds. My plan is the wood ash will add a bit of carbon to the very poor soil and kill some weeds and so far the weed killing is working out well. I’m not sure about adding carbon as this the first year dumping ash. The first alley mulch area is doing great for killing weeds though a few little weeds have grown along the border areas. A few weeds is much easier to deal with compared to a large nasty weed infested area. I am staying away from Roundup and other plant killers as I want to build new garden beds that like the growing conditions in the alley garden. I have to kill out the bad weeds and introduce a new set of plants as well as improve the soil so the good plants I want can grow.  Weeds are not bad, as they are nature’s paramedics to protect soil from erosion. I also don’t care for “cheat” grass, goat heads or Morning glory for ground covers. You can build good soil and plant crops and cover crops that will choke out weeds, but it takes time to do it naturally.

I want to learn/try a perma-culture and other systems that work together on your garden to make it thrive.  The other half of my front yard looks like has room to  support a mini-orchard of five dwarf trees. I want to add a couple of small recirculating fountains or pools and a cool seating area sort of like a Spanish plaza/Persian garden for hot summer days.  Both the plaza and zen gardens will take time and money to setup but I should be able to  start with recycled stuff I have on hand.  I doubt I can afford everything this year but I can start with some of the cheaper materials and begin prepping the areas for the future gardens. A new thought for the rose bed borders is using regular concrete blocks rather than flat pavers. I can set the blocks with the holes facing up, add soil and use them as pots for plants that are both decorative and edible!

I’m still getting used to my glasses. I can’t say the bi-focal lenses are kicking my butt but I notice an extra bit of tension in my neck as well as a bit of eyestrain learning to use the glasses, though I don’t seem to have the problem of curbs looking odd like I had as a kid. In someways I think I got used to things being slightly out of focus and my brain is trying to learn how to keep things in focus. Okay I’m done complaining! It is still early days of getting used to the glasses, but I really love seeing things clearly again! Tonight I looked up at the stars and they were so sharp and vibrant that it just stunned me.



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