The yard trash is piled high in the alley for pickup.

Mom went to work early today and cleaned up a lot of stuff in the carport/alley area area and we got a lot of trash stacked for Spring pick up.  Huzzah! I got a place cleared in the shop for my broken dryer. I think the dryer got over heated via feedback and I hope we can replace an element or two and get it working again, but it is off the patio and the patio is clear of all leaves and stuff.

The patio looks a lot better and Mom picked out a morning coffee spot for summer that should work for her little chimneia and her park bench.  I can’t speak for all people,  I believe having your own personal space in a multi-generational home or roommates makes life much easier as people have a little “private retreat that belongs” to them.  Of course Mom and I are not the norm!  Mom deserves her own little spot in the yard she can call her own. She often poo-poos what she does but she does all work she is capable of doing in a day. Sometimes it’s an hour and sometimes it is puttering for 5 hours but we never know what we can accomplish day to day.

I mowed the lawn and used the garden rake for getting up thatch on half of the front yard. I bought another 10 bags of “Scott’s Earth gro” mulch at home depot for $2.50 per 2 cubic foot bag and mulched the holly bushes.  I also broke my garden wagon pintel and I’m bummed about that, though I think I can fix it. I love my garden cart as it makes hauling  stuff very easy compared to muscling it around the yard. I have a wheelbarrow that works so losing the cart is not the end of times.

Eye glass update, I think I should have gone with progressive lenses but I love my sunglasses. If I don’t need to read the fine print. My basic eyesight is good up to 18-24 inches. Distant vision totally fuzzy and depth perception without glasses is a no-go.  The bi-focals snap the small print in focus. Paying about $150.00 for sunglasses and prescription glasses was a great buy!  That does not mean I don’t have to get used to my glasses.

I’m not going all prophetic as I’m too low on the economic food chain to guess what the PTB’s will do in the next 3 months.   I think the PTB’s  are going for a small summer crash after they folks “sell in May and go away”. I have no idea if the PTB’s can control a crash. While I’m solid on basics I need to get a few items stocked up.

2 Responses to The yard trash is piled high in the alley for pickup.

  1. S.Lynn says:

    I think they make peel and stick ons for reading that you can apply to your sunglasses.

    • Jamie says:

      S.Lynne, My sunglasses work well for yard work and driving, But if I forget to change over to the regular glasses before shopping things tend to get interesting. The Bi-focals work great for reading small print, but for regular reading I don’t really need glasses.

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