Great buys at the store for stocking up and Mom is a bit stressed with the divorce

Albertson’s has a great buy on whole ckicken/leg quarter at $.88 cents per pound. With the “avian flu” starting to hit the Midwest poultry farmers, stocking up as much as you can afford on eggs and chicken is a good idea! Can it, freeze it in order to preserve that chicken now so you can ride out any rise in cost or at least mitigate it. Mom’s chickens are producing eggs very well and she got a new scoop shovel for cleaning out the chicken house/coop.  You know you are a “red neck” if you get excited about buying a new shovel!  Albertson’s has a great buy on saltine crackers 10 for $10.00 and what they call their quarters sale. A lot of it is convenience food but also some good buys on canned goods.

The 16-20 count shrimp are on sale again at $6.99 per pound along with some crab legs and Lobster tails at Albertsons.  Paul’s Market has some great deals on pork! Bone in Sirloin roasts for .99 cents per pound and Bone in Pork chops for $1.29 per pound.  I like meat as a protien, buy some for your freezer and can or smoke/dehydrate the excess when you get a good buy.  I don’t think I’m evil when I stock up on good frozen pizza when it is on sale or stocking up on some “fun-size” candy bars. I added 6 boxes of saltine crackers and a few bags of chips so we have some snacks if things go sideways. I store the crackers in those big popcorn tins with a little DE sprinkled in the bottom of the tin and that does a great job keeping the crackers fresh tasting over 3 months that I have “so far” tested. I have not done a test on how long “chips” will stay fresh tasting but I hope that the cracker storage method will work for chips.

I got the two small freezer stocked full of meat. I splurged on some sirloin steaks for $3.99 per pound and added 4 boxes of facial tissue .88 cent when you buy 4. I added 8 of the little packages of taco seasoning, sloppy joe mix and gravy packets for .25 cents each.  Three cans of coffee at $6.99 and 10 cans of dog food.  I have upped my grocery budget but I am restocking the short-term (2 years) food storage we ate during the first 3 months after Mom moved in and I got most of the “holiday” meal items on hand for the year.

Cash & Carry has a sale for “Cinco de Mayo” and some bargains on spices, rice and beans! Buy now and stock up.  I think we might be seeing grocery stores clearing out coffee for higher prices. So I would stock up on regular coffee if you see it under $7.00 per can. There is always lag time, in any natural disaster be it Ebola in Central Africa(Coffee growing), Avian Flu in the midwest or a drought in California.  You need to stay ahead of the power/cost curve! When 2 or more stores sell a product cheap or on sale it is usually time to stock up on that product  as the cost will rise!

On to Mom and her getting a bit stressed about the Divorce! She is in a “dither” about money she pays me. But I can handle the extra cost of utilities so far and most costs should go down this summer. Mom is not a person to let things go. Actually she annotates and builds grudges to certain extent. Then stuffs all grudges and would display them on a “Mantel piece”.  Money is a bit tight for Mom so I gave her an out and now she feels guilty. Crap! darn her catholic upbringing!  We are doing okay financially. We have plenty of the basics and all I am  doing is stocking up one the thing that are wants not needs.

I got a great buy on more wood mulch to finish up the rose beds and had enough to mulch around the holly bushes. Besides looking better the mulch should help cut down on weeds and retain water this summer.  I’m going with concrete blocks for the border of the rose beds and in the holes I’m adding dirt for mini-planters for flower like Pansy and edible plants like multicolored kale,  lettuce and some herbs. I want to paint the blocks and then label the plants  names with chalk to give them a less industrial look. It will be the middle of May when I can afford enough blocks to finish the border but using the few blocks I have on hand I think it should work well and look nice. Along the the other fence line I’m gong to try a “wildflower” mix of seeds I got at the dollar store. I have no idea if the seeds are any good but if they do grow I will have the start of the “English” country garden look, I want for that part of the yard and I hope to attract bees too do that pollinating thing for the rest of my yard.

Mom and I finished limbing and cutting up all the wood trimmings and we stacked the wood pile with about 3 loads of the 18 gallon gallon party buckets worth of hardwood. That is equal to about two days worth of heat in the wood stove on a winter’s day. While that may not seem like much all it cost was a bit of sweat, time and a little electricity to charge the battery powered chainsaw.  I need to cut back and prune several trees and while I doubt any city home owner can grow enough wood to heat their home, use what you have too help augment your energy supply.  Go walk about in your neighborhood or parks and pick up pine cones. Those pine cones are great tinder for starting a fire.  If you are using a rocket stove as your back heat/cooking stove you need fuel and you need to have some fuel stored up before TSHTF rather than trying to gather wood and competing with others for the same resources.

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  1. My friend had a fireplace between her huge kitchen and huge living room. She moved her king-sized bed in the living room without crowding the room at all. A guy who was clearing land for a developer allowed her to cut and take all the wanted of what he cut. Of course, she and her son just took limbs not trunks. The guy had to spend his time hauling the limbs, so he was making more money by giving some of it away. He told her she could take the trunks if she could find someone to help her. Maybe you can find something like that this spring and summer for the winter.

  2. Jamie says:

    My neighbor started trimming his trees and let me say I was scared to death watching his balancing act via his ladder and using a muscle power saw. By golly he got that trimming done mostly on his own though I did loan my little cordless B&D chain saw when he scared the crap out of me. I will ask to cut up the bigger chunks of his wood and stack it. I know the family a bit and if it saves a bit garbage or me stacking wood. I think they might go along with it.

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