Mulched around the garden beds, weeded and got the last of the food sales bought up

I had 6 bags of mulch leftover once I finished the front yard so I added those bags to the mulch around the garden beds.  Last year I laid down some landscape cloth between the garden beds but I was not pleased with the results.  It did block the weeds except at the edges and the cloth tends to shred if you work clearing out the weeds which allows more weeds grow. The layer of mulch I laid down last year was only an inch or two in depth and you need at least 3-4 inches of mulch to block out the weeds.  I have to say that the soil under the landscape cloth did look much darker and had plenty of good bugs working the soil. Even a thin layer of mulch made a tremendous difference in how much I needed to water the lawn and garden last year.  Of all the wood mulches I have tried the Scott’s Earth gro seems to be the best as far as cost and how much it will cover.  If you don’t use landscape cloth it is much easier to rake the mulch around, clean up any weeds with a hoe/Hula hoe and make the area look clean and neat again.  Using mulch has really helped make my yard and garden areas look good and retained water. If you live in an area prone to drought, mulching is something you should consider trying out.  Water not only reacts to gravity but to osmosis and will try and reach an equilibrium.  In my experience you don’t want any bare dirt around your place, placing mulch on bare ground in a 3-4 inch layer is much better than having bare dirt if you don’t want weeds.  Plus weeds are not that bad as they work as Nature’s plant paramedics to hold soil and stop erosion.

I stopped by Albertson’s and got another 3 chickens for the freezer. While my little freezers are full, Mom’s freezer had a bit of space for the birds. I figure we have about another 2-4 weeks before we start seeing a price hike on chicken via this “avian flu” thing.  A good thing is chickens don’t take that long to grow like pork or cattle, now is the time to practice your meat canning skills and your freezer and dehydrating foo on chicken.  Egg cost maybe effected as the PTBs are killing huge flocks of birds and California made new restriction on chicken raising and what can be sold in Cali.  I feel for the average middle class in California, but this what is coming to all of the USA. Short-sighted “feel-good” policies via Diktat.

All around the world the banks and PTBs want to eliminate cash and go to electronic money. I think Bank of America tried not accept FRN’s for payment about 3-5 years ago and now JP Morgan Chase is doing the same.  I believe the Federal Reserve Note (FRN) state’s it is good for all payments private and public.  I don’t know my country any more! I’m going for junk silver while it is so low and I will go grey or black market and barter.  I think we are safe for a market crash this spring now you got watch the September-November time frame.  Look for value, build skills and barter opportunities. Get your basic survival supplies and try to get out of debt.

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