Got the “emergency backup dog” today and stored the snacks Updated!!

Today Mom and  I stopped at the pound to look at a few dogs we saw online. Mom looked at a peke and I checked out a small pit bull.  I have a new dog though Mom is still thinking about the peke.  Samson the pitbull is small, about 16-18 inches tall at his shoulder and weighs 36 pounds though he is a little on the thin side though he does not act like he is starving and I have started him on a high quality dog food.  So far so good, he is intrugue by Smokey the cat and got swatted by Smokey a couple of times but Samson did not get crazy, just backed off and mostly ignores the cat. Samson the pit was intrigued by the chickens and has some chase instinct, but overall I was very happy how well he behaved his first day around the birds while they foraged in the backyard.  Diana the Peke tried to assert herself at Samson’s dog dish and there was a small altercation but no one was hurt but Diana’s pride and she got slobbered on. It is interesting that Samson the pit has shown zero interest in Diana the peke’s food dish and he does not seem overly protective of his food.  Smokey just tagged Samson on the nose but that is more Smokey the cat not caring for dogs rather than Samson not liking cats. Mom’s pekes are very accepting of other dogs and so far Samson has just has sniffed around them and then ignored them.  It’s only been a few hours but once all the critter’s settle down I think Samson will find his place in the “Casa de Chaos” Pack.

Update: The pitbull did not work out. Diana got aggressive toward food and Samson the pit snapped back at her and had her down. Diana has a sore leg but otherwise okay. I took Samson back to the pound.

I have had several dogs but never a pitbull. Samson is very sweet and much more accepting of people and critters in general than I had anticipated.  While I have been looking for a dog that is slightly more intimidating than my peke. I don’t want a dog that is viscious day to day.  Pekes tend to have have a heart of lion and are about as intimidating as a Hostess “Sno ball”.  While I’m not sure Samson the pit will make a good guard dog. I know I would think twice about entering a pit bull’s “space” of any sort, while a peke is not much of a threat besides barking an “alarm”.

I have been looking at rescued dogs for several months and I think a person should take time to evaluate what you want in a dog, understand the breed and see if you and the dog resonates with you. In my mind a pet is not a way to check a block or accesorize. It is a living creature who needs must come before your own.  If you are not willing to prep for your animals or share the last drops of your stored water or your food. Don’t have animals! While I’m a Christian and believe in the Bible.  I really hope one day I can be as good a person as my dogs seem to think I am.

I ran out of “popcorn tins” storing my snacks. I moved on to a 3.5 gallon bakery bucket for the saltine crackers, bagged pretzels and corn chips.  I doubt most preppers have live on their storage for a month or two. I have and I like salty snacks  and had none during my little adventure.  For some people it might be sugary snacks or chocolate.  It is your preps and while there is plenty on the Internet  about prepping. Make your own stock pile work for you and your family.

I like storeing bulk goods beans and rice to bulk grains. A few cases of canned fruits and veggies will work until you get a garden planted but sometimes you just need a quick snack and ramen oris pasta is great for a quick meal.

4 Responses to Got the “emergency backup dog” today and stored the snacks Updated!!

  1. deb harvey says:

    some of our corn chips went rancid.
    make sure you have oil-free saltines if you can find them.
    can’t find them here anywhere anymore.

    • Jamie says:

      deb, I don’t think the corn chips will be around long enough to go bad. That snack seems to get eaten quickly around here!

  2. Ann says:

    I have not had good luck storing saltines except vacuum sealed in 1/2 gallon ball jars. Any other storage has resulted in rancid crackers after 6 months. Use jars not vacuum bags or your crackers will be crushed.

  3. Jamie says:

    Ann: I have not stored the crackers more than about 3-4 months in the tins but they seem fresh tasting after that long in storage.

    I forgot to mention I add some DE in the bottom of the tin and that seems to make a difference in how fresh the crackers taste.

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