Stocking up on meat, solar and odds & sods

Both Paul’s Market and Albertson’s are having good sales on meat last week and this week. I have been spending some of mu “mad” money stocking up especially on poultry items. Paul’s had chicken thighs and drumsticks for 79 cents per pound, so I bought a little over 6 pounds for the freezer. I really like chicken thighs as they are very easy to can compared to cutting up a whole chicken.  I bought a 14 pound turkey at $1.49 per pound at Albertson’s this week because the “avian flu” is getting very bad in the mid-west. The stories I have been seeing say that over 21 million birds have been destroyed or will be destroyed in the near future to contain this flu outbreak . While chickens grow quickly as a meat animal.  Turkeys need at least 7 months to grow to cooking size and some people are forecasting a very limited turkey supply for holiday meals this year. While $1.49 per pound seems like a crazy price to pay for a whole turkey it isn’t a bad price compared to most meats you buy in your local mega mart! If you want turkey deli meat or a big bird for the Holidays I suggest you try and get a turkey or two in the next few weeks even if you pay $1.50-$1.80 per pound and store that bad boy in the freezer. While holiday traditions are very important to your morale you might think about doing a holiday ham now that pork prices are starting to stabilize or drop just a little bit.  I am looking at making a “Holiday Food” storage box/container for items that you need to make my holiday meal. Things like spices, stuffing, canned pie fillings or cranberry sauce, divinity, fudge and snacks can all go into the box now and the holiday meals covered no matter what happens to the economy!

I got a fairly good deal on some 85/15 hamburger today at Pauls, though paying $2.99 per pound for hamburger on “sale” still strikes me as odd. A while back I paid that for Sirloin but when things change your price point changes.  I have spent a bit more on food because I’m stocking up but I should be okay because I basically only stock-up on sales and with dollar cost averaging my budget should be okay in the long run!  Albertson’s is having a sale on Lobster tails for $4.99 for Mother’s day as well as Rib eye steaks for $6.99 per pound.  Speaking only for myself having some of those “luxury” food items to cook at home really make me feel good and boost my morale. Mom and I have been living on chicken and pork for a few months and cooking up a small sirloin steak really hit the spot and gave us boost mentally.  I think you need a good protein and fats at least once a day and while you can survive on beans and rice I don’t think there is anything wrong with stocking up on the good stuff when you can afford it.  You won’t be eating lobster and prime rib every day but you will have some very nice special holiday meals once and awhile.

Last but not least on the meat front Albertsons has it’s butcher block bacon for $2.99 per pound. This is my favorite bacon as it has a a nice smoke flavor and is more salty than sweet.  My price point for good bacon is $2.99 and I can afford to get 5 pounds at that price.  Don’t get me wrong as I have bought plenty of bacon ends and pieces on the cheap around $2.33 per pound but I will stock up and freeze bacon when I get a good buy!

Building the small solar power system starting with the RV. I got a hub that will make my wiring solar panel very simple for the RV if not the most efficient use of the panel over all.  While the solar panels and AGM batteries  is not perfect it should power the RV’s fridge on DC power and give me a fridge until I can store the food safely. has a great solar power system primer for a small 400 watt system that will power a small chest freezer, a couple of fans and charge up small electronics and some electric odds and ends would make a huge difference in any short term disaster. Any power generator simply buys you time during the reset. You may have generators, an RV and go solar but they really sort of suck compared to big dams or coal fired turbines via cost per kilowatt hour.  Independence of the grid is priceless and just being able to store/use a bit of energy, without being dependent on the PTBs is huge.

Personally I think we should go local with small power project similar to the old farm co-op models.  One person could provide a simple wifi network , email or chat server with off the shelf components for a small block of neighbors. I could add a charging station for phones and small electronics via my jumper pack charged via a generator or solar.  These thin are not easy but they are simple if you can think outside the box the PTBs try and put you in.  At harbor freight the have lithiom/ nicad  batteries good for 800 charges. Let’s say that is marketing hyperboly and the batteries are only good for 400 charges, that little battery is still good enough for 12 months of charges every other day.

The very worst that can happen is going to pre-electric late 1800’s and not the stone age.  Even if an EMP hits like a “Carrington event” the human race can make new turbines as they are relatively simple, if not always easy constructs of magnets and copper wire.  The human race will not suddenly lose the ability to create steel, kevlar or how to weld/blacksmithing.  Radio/ TV/fax machines are simply eltro-mechanical devices and we know cell phones and computers are possible and can be built easily.

I have no doubt that may get a bit dicey but there is no reason to go “mental” and imagine things will get midevel if you are prepared.


2 Responses to Stocking up on meat, solar and odds & sods

  1. TOR says:

    Like your optimism though I’m not so sure about it. I didn’t spend the price of a serviceable used car on a PVS-14 and a DBAL IR laser then store them with a solar battery charger in a Faraday cage because I have faith things would go well.

    If the grid drops it is going to be ‘welcome to the jungle’ time. Honestly I think ‘Lights Out’ by David Crawford is an optimistic scenario and the worse scenario is something like ‘One Second After’ or ‘Mad Max’. In short I think it would be really ugly and violent resulting in a lot of dead people.

    • Jamie says:

      TOR: I’m an optomist by nature though I try to base my plans in reality. I have a Faraday box with back up electronics and a Pandemic bucket, heck I store bulk food and water in 55-60 gallon drums.

      I tend to have an optomistic bias or better to say I focus on the postive of people comming together as a community rather than focus on the looters and criminal element in a disaster. I am not a “Pollyanna” and expect things/ people will always work together for the best outcome. I have been surprised how quickly people will come together if it is in their own self-interest.

      Many in the prepping/survival community talk of sheep, sheep dogs and shepards but I see myself as a wolf protecting my pack. Now I have no particular bent of attacking the sheeple but I am none to impressed with the self-appointed sheppards or sheep dogs of society.

      I’m living on SSD and a small disability payment via VA and I have a good life. I don’t get any other government goodies and I make my payments on time. I can defend myself, bug out/in stock up on preps and learn new skills as well as practice the skills I know already! I think my life has improved a lot since I became disabled because I learned to focus on the basics, plus I have learned to do many new things because I don’t have much money.

      I suppose I will always see the glass as half full of water, or totally full of both air and water!

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