Updating the BOB, GHB and the GOOD plans

I did a good job getting the weight down on all of my bags but I will be at a severe disadvantage going off-road because of my disability. I just don’t have the strength or stamina to carry a 30 pound back pack 10 miles a day.  I walk the local mall about 3-4 miles 5 days a week with the aide of my walker. But that is very easy “terrain” of indoors and tile floors so it isn’t the best training for a Bugout scenario!  Don’t get me wrong about walking, I think it is a great exercise but walking five miles in the mall is nothing like “rucking 10-15 miles with a 60 +  pound  backpack most infantry Grunts do as daily/weekly training or what you may need to do in a Bugout situation!

I got the BOB down to 25 pounds without water but it has all the basics needed for about a week. I also live in a high desert area so finding water is not the easiest thing, so I figure I need to have about a gallon of water in my pack just in case I can’t make potable water and that adds a lot of weight.  Well I need a solution to the weight problem and it is a vehicle, wheeled carts and/or my “trike”.  Hopefully I can just toss the BOB in the mini-van add my camping box and be on my way, but that is a best case scenario. What could be the worst case scenario….

The GHB is a svelte 18 pounds and it is a rolling backpack I got a yard sale last year for about $3.00. It has about 3 days worth of the basics though no water or filtration system other than the ability to boil water for purification.  Daily, my furthest trip from home is about 5 miles so my GHB is supplied with a bit more of the basics over and above what I would use normally to get home.  Office Depot/Max has a great little cart for $15.00- $20.00 that holds about 50 pounds makes a great little camp table and folds flat when not in use.   I don’t think being disable or handicapped in any gives you a pass on not preparing. In fact I think you must prepare because only you know your physical limitations and how best to work around them.

The GOOD or “Get Out Of Dodge” plan. I have stated my disabilities limit me but I think any could stage items in the garage or RV.  In the Army we called it Combat parking, but you basically back your vehicle into a garage/carport. So if the SHTF and you need to scoot all you need to do is pull forward and hit the road.  How fast can you load your BOV? How long can your Bugout supplies last?  Do you have cash on hand to buy supplies?  Personally I think bugging out is an act you are forced into via desperation.  Bad things can happen so you must prepare to leave in less than 10 minutes.  If every member of you family has a BOB and you plan/practice for evacuating you should be okay. But you must plan, prepare and practice.

Some people will not be able to handle the “new” paradigm and they will break when things get a little difficult.  My generation “mid 1980’s” really got into helicopter parents and special snow flake children.  But a lot of those Millennial kids are waking up and taking action on a local level.  We should be a bit tolerant as these kids have discovered Sex , truth and justice once again for the first time!  I think most of them are good folks, but I’m an optimist!  Give me a big pile of crap,  I start looking for a a pony or at least start another compost pile.

To quote Chris Duane “if you are aware, you can prepare.” That does not mean things/ prepping will be easy. It is simply doable if you will sacrifice short term gratification for long term security.



2 Responses to Updating the BOB, GHB and the GOOD plans

  1. TOR says:

    My Get Home Bag is designed for two comfortable days worth of food with some shelter and survival gear. It weights 17 pounds dry and maybe 24 wet.

    My BOB is about 40 pounds set up for a general scenario such as getting stuck in the woods. Obviously if I added 400 rounds of 5.56 to it the weight would go up. Then again I am a healthy, active 200 pound man.

    The sucky part of the deal is that a healthy 200 pound man and a disabled 130 pound woman have basically (aside from a moderate caloric difference) the same life sustaining requirements.

    I know you have the little wheel bag for your GHB. For your BOB have you looked at some sort of a cart? A game cart would work great even in relatively uneven terrain. It would be a lot easier on you and you could probably carry a few more pounds too. Heck a wagon would work pretty good. They make some for gardening and such that are solid with good, decent sized wheels.

    • Jamie says:

      TOR: The “game cart” is a great idea, I saw some “beach carts” that could work for cross country. I have to replace my garden cart but I have my mini van and trike for hauling my Bug out stuff. I have done all I can to mitigate my lack of strength. My biggest frustration is I can’t do many things that I took for granted before I got disabled.

      It might sound a little strange but in many ways my disability forces me to make an honest assessment of what I can do physically, and adapt prior to a Bug Out event. For my area in SW Idaho my primary bug out event would be a derailment/toxic spill via the train yards about six blocks away or a gas line explosion or massive water main leak via the city infrastructure damage. For most natural disasters I can anticipate for this area require me to sit tight and stay home!

      Both Mom and I are backing into our parking spots now. While it is taking botth of us some time to get used to backing in and goodness knows we are loosing tons of cool points as we are both out of practice. We are getting better each time we park.

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