Helping Don and Sarah

I wrote about Don back in January  and his gas can explosin . As you can imagine they have some high medical bill so they got a gofund me site started.

If you can add a little to help them out and/or keep them in your prayers. I would thank you!

Sometimes we all need a little extra help.

Again thank you all

4 Responses to Helping Don and Sarah

  1. kymber says:

    jamie – done and done. and yes, we all need help sometimes and i wish their family all of the best!

    your friend,

  2. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much neighbor and my friend Jamie for your support during these traumatic and trying months. Don is working hard on his physical therapy. We hope the worst is over. He is alive with all his limbs and digits. Our little family of four has been living by the grace of hard work, good friends, and thankfully so.

    • Jamie says:

      Sarah, You are welcome! I was glad I could help.

      I saw about 30 cars pull up and look at your house this weekend so I hope you get an offer on it. I think your paint actually make your home stand out and gets noticed.

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