Working on the yard and garden between the rain storms

I finally got the weed whacker out and knock down some of the taller growth and around the edges/borders. Locally we have had rain almost every day so it has been sort of hit and miss getting yard work done before the next rain strom rolls through the valley!  Don’t think I’m complaining as all of my rain barrels are full and the front lawn is doing great, and my holly bushes are putting out new growth.  Even the old rose bushes I thought I might loose due to age are sprouting healthy growth!  I am thrilled by how well the mulch seems to be working. While it has not quite stopped all the weeds, it seems that the weeds growing in the mulch don’t put down deep tap roots. It is almost like the roots run along the top of the soil just under the mulch and that makes weeding much easier for me.

In the alley way beds the first thick layer of wood mulch is working great but the weeds are growing around the edges. It is mostly “Cheat Grass” and Morning glory so far, I think I got rid of most of the Goat-heads/puncture vine. Home depot has some decrotive “pond rock” on sale .5 cubic foot for $2.50 a bag. I added four bags to the entrance of my shop to sort of see how much the bags of rock would cover.  For the driveway I need another 8 bags of rock and I know it is expensive to buy this way, but I can afford the lower start up cost and haul the rock and mulch in my mini-van.   If you have a limited income it is a lot easier to spend $10.00 or $20.00 a couple of times a month rather than try and save up $200.00 to buy in bulk once or twice  a year for yard and garden stuff.

Never forget that your situation is unique, so how you do your thing will be unique.  That does not mean other people won’t learn from you or can’t tweak your plan to work for them and their situation.  For me, I get inspired by how people do things I never considered trying out and I often change plans when I see a new idea that is better than my thoughts on a given subject.  Goodness know’s I thought of a small carpet cleaner/spot bot as a want to have, rather than a need to have. If you are house training a pet or cleaning up after an older animal. That little carpet cleaner will save you time, effort and paper towels. If you have kids they will spill and make messes and that little battery powered cordless vacume/rug cleaner saves both time, energy and paper cleaning products.

I picked a few little “pony packs” of plant on sale. Standard garden stuff though I got a colorful Swiss chard I want for the front yard beds. D&B has an “arctic Kiwi” bush/tree that should grow here in the treasure valley.  I like the taste of Kiwi fruit and want to try growing it here at Casa de chaos.  I grew celery last year from a Utah green house, dried it and I think the flavor is rich and vibrant even dehydrated without tasting bitter like most store-bought celery. A couple of my Snow peas/sweet peas did make it through early spring and my strawberry bucket is doing great!

Any person given a big enough budget can plant a great garden or yard if they are willing to saturate the dirt with chemicals. My way is slower but I know it it is more sustainable and I think it is healthier in the long run.  Are you building your soil for the next generation? Is your garden sustainable for someone, yourself or your kids 10 years in the future?

Buy what you can afford short term but try and think long term! I’m read a story about a parachutist that asked how long he had to pull his reserve chute and the instructor answered “The rest of your life!” . None of us know how long we have to live before our ticket is punched.  If you live everyday like it is your last day on earth, sooner or later you will be right!  I bet dollars to donut if mom get a few grand settlement on this divorce she will find all kinds of “financing” for cars to homes. Well in 30 years, it will 2046 and  she will be 100 years old.  I think she will make it but it may not be the best bet for a real bank!

Believe in what you can touch, and you can protect yourself. Everything else is just playing the game!

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