The garden planting is almost finished added a raspberry and blackberry in big pots

This year I’m trying to avoid overloading my raised beds.  Mom was a big help on the plant placement of the plants that tend to spread out and those that grow up and out.  I’m doing more winter squash rather than the patty pans to see how they grow and store this winter.  Winter squash should store longer in my basement compared to the summer squash, though the summer squash did last until Jan.-Feb. after harvest which is pretty good in my book.  I have a space in the big bed for the onion sets I got from my aunt and I think I may have space to grow a tomatillo plant. The raised beds are about as full as I want to try this year!

I  have tomato cages and garden stakes set up to direct some of the plant growth.  I’m usually behind the power curve on that aspect of gardening.  The berry plants are in big 18 gallon “party buckets” and will be set among the front yard rose beds. While I don’t expect fruit this year, my hope is they will grow, unlike the berry starts I tried in past years.  I can’t blame the plants as I was kind of dumb about growing black/raspberry plants via proper soil, placement and water drainage.  I’m very excited to how the berry plants work out! Gardening takes practice and sometimes you can do everything correct according to theory and have a lousy harvest.  Sometimes you can do many things wrong and have a good harvest.  All a person can do is create the best environment for growing and after that it is up to “Mama Nature”.

I won’t be getting the kiwi vine/tree this year.  While I like the idea, something like a cold hardy Meyer lemon or some of the cold hardy dwarf lime trees make more sense because of the vitamin C.  Plus storing long term is much easier with many citrus type fruits.  From salting, candied, dehydrating to using a lime or lemon daily is much easier that using a kiwi fruit.  Don’t get me wrong, I think growing  a Kiwi fruit tree up to Zone 4 is very cool. But is it the best use of my time, available land and physical energy?  D & B farm store has Olive and Fig trees and while they sound interesting, both trees need  several years of care before they produce fruit and olives tend to need a lot of processing before they are consumable by humans.  Remember your physical energy will be almost as limited as your fuel supply.

Last but not least the little 20 inch tall fence and garden stakes are working out great protecting the raised beds from the chicken’s scratching when they free range.  Overall, the fence is working much better than I anticipated when I first set it up.


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  1. Wade Herod says:

    Wow, blackberry bushes are a weed here in NW Florida. At least to me. They take over and will encroach if you let them. Mind you I love the berries though. There’s also a mean fly that lives around them that will eat you up. They are a dirt road side favorite for people to stop and pick.

    We also have a few pick yourself blueberry farms around here. Never tried that myself.

    I probably should start a lime and lemon tree here. The limes at one point got so expensive that restaurants quit offering ice water with lime, one of my favorite drinks.

    We’ll have fun with your gardening.

    Wade in NW Florida

    • Jamie says:

      Wade: Once the berries start growing they can spread up here too. That why I’m using the big 18 gallon party buckets to contain the bushes.

      From what I have read you’all in Florida have industrial strength insects. Here in Idaho the winter cold keeps most of the insects in check.

      I need to do more research on the Meyer lemon tree but the lower Snake river valley is kind of a warm growing zone surrounded by cold mountain desert in winter so we can often grow warm loving plants that people 50 miles away can not.

  2. You seem to always accomplish so much! My hens would never let a mere 20″ tall fence keep them away from anything tasty! Today, I was cranking down the umbrella on my picnic table and one hen jumped up just to see what I was doing. We had not been eating, so she was not motivated by food.

    I wish I had blackberries growing!

    • Jamie says:

      Practical, I was a little surprised how well the fence worked.A couple of the birds sort of tested the fence and got a little tangled in it and it spooked them. Plus the birds love digging in the wood mulch and seem to have many favorite spots to forage under bushes and along the grape fence line. Things might change once the plants start putting on fruit/veggies.

  3. Susan Marie says:

    You will need at least 2 tomatillos planted, been there done that, it was a beauty too.

    • Jamie says:

      Susan Marie: Thanks, I did not know you needed 2 plants. Sort of explains why I never had success growing them!

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