I got the new heavy duty garden wagon today!

The first yard wagon/garden cart I got cheap and it was rated for only 350 pound loads which was probably a bit of marketing hyperbole. But I have to say I used that little wagon a lot for over two years, moving firewood, mulch , dirt and even groceries and boxes in Mom’s move.  So I got my moneys worth on that little cart and even with the handle broken the wheels and axels are solid and may help my neighbors repair another cart!

This new cart has a 700 pound load limit and the steering handle and more solid under carriage that can be repaired via bolts and nuts. No worries about the pintle shearing off with the new cart!  The new cart handle can be converted to hook up to a yard tractor or ATV which gives me some more options for the future.  I wish the instructions had a full 3-D  expanded view of the cart but I have learned to install all the nuts and bolts sort of loose until I make sure I have things installed the correct way before I tighten them down solid.  While the instructions said to build all wheels and support brackets first, I found it much easier to add the wheel assemblies/support to the “floor” of the wagon without the wheels first, because I did not have to fight the weight or awkwardness of the wheels on my bench.

I filled up the mini-van with real gas and stopped by the local farm store and got some great flowers and a decorative Kale for 50% off we can add to the the front beds.  I got a few more of the “Gypsy peppers” to replace some plants that did not do well in the raised beds.  Mom has been a huge help and expanding my knowledge base on my garden beds.  She is out watering and weeding in the morning and the plants are loving it!  I am very open to adding all sorts of plants in all beds in the front and backyard. I think it is a new thing for Mom to have the ability  to add plants wherever we have space instead of being limited to a small garden bed. I put the white flowering kale in one of the front beds and I want to get some more kale in purple to add to the front yard beds. Mom planted the petunias in a large box type planter in the backyard by the park bench and I think they make a nice contrast with all the dark green plants in that area.

I want to ask you prayers as the home directly across the alley has come up for sale. I think this home would be great for Mom though she would need to add a wood stove. While I’m not sure a christian should pray for a equitable divorce settlement, but looking at the future I could have Mom close at hand and I can help her and she can help me! It will be a timing issue though a 2 bedroom 1 bath is harder to sell compared to a 3 bedroom/ 1.5 bath or more. Heck I may get my shop floor area back rather than storing furniture!

Speaking of the shop, I talked to my neighbor J and he will let me park my mini van at his place while Mom and I organize her stuff stored in the shop. I won’t say things are a complete mess but we were more interested in speed and getting the move done rather than any sort of organization. I can start organizing my stuff and start using my shop as a work shop rather than a big catch-all/storage unit now that I can afford to buy some tools for DIY projects. Mom and I signed up for a Drywall repair/installation class at Home depot and want to take a more classes for basic home repair and maint. The classes are free so a couple hours of my time is a bargain.

Diana the peke is recovering very well using the steroids and has not needed to use the pain meds.  Mom’s peke “Bear” is going downhill and we are trying to keep him comfortable until he is “put down”.  Bear had a  open sore on his rear leg and we cleaned it up a bit and added some of the “band-aid” brand lidocaine /anti-septic and it worked great. This is a product I will add to my 1st aid kit and at $3.50 for a small bottle it might seem a bit pricey but it works! The lidocaine deadens nerve endings and gives the injury time to heal especially with critters and children.

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