Getting Casa de Chaos ready for a heat wave.

Summer arrived this week and the temps will climb into triple digits and be about 110 by next Tuesday. I got the two stand/portable misters out for the chickens to help keep the birds cool. Mom and I are looking at adding a different fan on a battery backup in the chicken house.  I got the “Arctic Cove” battery powered mister/fan combo at Home depot wth my military discount it cost $75.00. I budgeted $80.00 so I picked up a 2 pack of 60 watt equivalent LED light bulbs for $4.97.  I really like the LED bulbs for lighting because LEDs do  not flicker like the CFL bulbs and adds no heat like the old fashion incandesent light bulbs.  I charged up the Ryobi 18 volt Lithium-ion battery for the Fan mister combo, ran the Arctic Cove for about 15 minutes as a quick test, overall I’m very pleased with the results.  I have started a full test run to see how long the bucket water and battery power will last.  By Friday all of the cooling items should be tested and hopefully be ready for triple digit temps.

Update on the “Arctic Cove” bucket mister: Uses about 1 gallon of water per hour pump set low with the fan on high! Battery power is looking good after one hour.  About 2 hours of power via the 18 volt battery using the water pump on low and the fan on high via the first charge of the battery.  I think this system is great for cooling in places that don’t have high humidity.

I’m prepping meals for cooking on the “patio kitchen”.  We are making  mostly salads, sandwiches and meats that can be grilled.  My butter crunch lettuce is ready to pick though the rest of the garden has not put out much yet.  For the garden I got some purple kale for the front beds, leeks in the raised beds and what is called moss rose for ground cover in the alley garden to start choking out the cheat grass and goat-head/puncture vine. I’ll try a couple of the moss rose ground cover in the alley way/wood mulch area and a couple of the new plants besides the sun-chokes.

I’m a little worried about electrical brown outs and black outs, as people start using a lot of power for air conditioners and central cooling because it is getting so hot so fast.  Time to break out your generators and make sure it will power your basic needs.  Mom wants to charge up her solar generator to see if she can keep the batteries charged via solar panels.  Time to test power cords, all fuel systems and confirm all gas generators work.

Get all cleaning done that requires power,  such as a vacuuming a carpet to using a clothes washer/dryer.

Do you have Ice on hand? Who has dry ice locally and what is the cost? Do you have propane, butane and charcoal and a way to cook outside. Do you have off grid lights that will not give off heat?  Have you charged up your cell phone,  tablet, laptop’s rechargeable batteries and can you stay cool if the power is turned off?  Have you checked on your neighbors and know their set up.   I don’t expect you to prep for everyone in your neighborhood, but cooler of ice cubes,  a bit of water and sharing a bit of BBQ gas and charcoal to cook a meal is not a terrible thing.

Working on self-reliance can seem to be never ending at times. If you get ready for the small little disasters you tend to be ready for the big disasters.

Summer or winter your needs are the same. In winter it is staying warm and in summer it is staying cool.  Shelter, food, water and security.  It is that simple, but most of the folks in the military realize simple and easy are not the same.

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