Plumbers fixed clogs, bathroom faucet installed.

The kitchen clog was fixed with a powered “snake”, the washer drain was much more difficult.  In fact the plumber pulled a short length of smaller diameter pipe out that I did not know was in the washer drain pipe. The drain pipe going to the sewage main needs to be adjusted from level to more of an angle so gravity can help drain the water and we aren’t sure how the Stack pipe runs to ensure enough air enters the drain to keep the water flowing.  Some good news is I can use drain cleaner once a month to keep the drain pipe clean until I can afford a long-term fix.

The new bathroom faucet was installed by the plumbers in about 30 minutes. Thank goodness I did not try that job myself as the setup is a copper pipe with an iron connector and none of my valves or fittings would have worked and we would have been without water because I would have had to leave the water main turned off.  The kitchen sink faucet has the same feed pipe setup so I will buy the faucet I like and call the plumbers again to have it installed correctly.

I got to learn a few things from the plumbers about clogs and got some recommendations on parts that I can buy that need to be replaced in the future.

  • Do a load of laundry using hot water a couple time a month or pour hot water into the laundry drain to keep grease/hair balls from building up.
  • Don’t use a caustic drain cleaner if you have a solid clog.  A drain cleaner works best when you have a “slow drain” but water is still flowing.
  • Get a “Drain King” that uses water pressure to blow out clogs and add a 15-50 foot plumbing “snake” to your tool kit for cleaning out most small clogs before they become a big problem.  Cost for those tools is about $15.00-$25.00.
  • Buy and use mesh strainer baskets in your sinks. I got a package with a large strainer for the kitchen sink and a small on for a bathroom sink at the local dollar store.  I need to add another strainer basket to my kitchen double sink.
  • Make sure all shut off valves are in good working condition and check them yearly.  My house has one full bath and small 3/4 bath. While inconvenient to use only one bathroom or dumping water from wash tubs from the kitchen into the toilet it beats the heck out of turning off the water main and having no tap water!
  • Try and setup getting several jobs all done at one time as you pay the “house call/travel time” once.  Try to give the best description of what you want done and be honest about what you tried to do to fix the problem!
  • Learn to do some basic home repair yourself and educate yourself via classes at your local home depot/lowes and how to repair stuff youtube videos/ the internet.  Trust your gut if you feel you need to call in a pro for some help! I have replaced everything in regards to a toilet except the pipe going to the sewer line.  I cracked/replaced toilet tanks, replace all the guts and even add a new toilet bowl correctly.  I waited on adding the bathroom faucet because I felt I might be missing some knowledge.
  • Ask questions about maintaining your home. Don’t try and troubleshoot the professionals but educate yourself  how to correct small problems before they become big issues. If your contractor won’t answer your questions, I would recommend finding a new contractor/handyman.
  • Last but not least be ready with buckets, tubs, towels and mops when dealing with plumbing.  Get everything out from under the sink, be ready to move appliances or whatever it takes to give them a good work enviroment.  I’m sure the plumbers would be willing to move all those items and charge  time + just to do the job.

I got 3 jobs done, clearing the clogs in the kitchen and laundry room drain along with installing a new bathroom sink for under $300.00 and everything was done in about 2 hours. The plumber recommended getting a new laundry/washer box kit installed with new valves and hoses and those items are starting to wear out.  While I may hate it, all homes need maintenence to keep small problems from turning into big problems. As a prepper I will do the jobs I can and call in the pros on jobs I don’t know how to do yet.

I finished up mowing the other half of the yard. This 100 degree heat sort of kicked my butt last weekend, though I feel like I’m adapting some what to the heat now.  The mister/fan combos are working out great in the yard for cooling spots for all the critters. The new pekes are starting fit in though Smoky the cat has a few reservations about Tucker who loves playing “chase the cat”.  I think Smokey will have to pop him a few times to let him know chasing the cat is a “bad idea”.

Overall things are going well here at Casa de Chaos. New pekes are settling in, all critical plumbing issues seem to be under control. All the freezers are stocked up on veggies and meats/holiday meal. Mom and are working testing backup power sources. Next big item is stocking up on firewood and getting ready for winter. Could the economic collapse happen this year?  Of course it can happen at anytime panic hits,  but the PTBs are working very hard kicking the can down the road.  So I’m not getting all worked up about what might happen other than making sure I am prepared for the worst I can imagine and putting the finishing touches on all of preps both mental and physical.

3 Responses to Plumbers fixed clogs, bathroom faucet installed.

  1. kim says:

    Hi Jamie, I have been following your blog for a couple of year now, and I love it! Your straightforward, real struggles and triumphs often hit close to home. I am writing here as a comment because I did not see a way to privately email you through your blog. I recently purchased a piece of property next to my bug out location, where I live full time, and am looking for someone (single, couple, family) who would be interested in coming here as a long term work trade. I want to get the new piece online and in shape for whatever the world offers us next. I am looking for someone who would be interested in Helping on our remote desert farm in exchange for a place to live. Extra income potential through our home based business. I have tried looking through the WWOOF and sites, but they are more geared toward strictly organic farming and self reliance,(which we do) from a different perspective then prepping. I am hoping to find someone who is like minded…of a prepper mindset, who would be interested in becoming part of our “fold” and family. I am at a loss of where to look. We are obviously incredibly private people, and going to a site that isn’t necessarily geared toward prepping seems like asking for trouble.
    I am hoping you or one of your followers may know of a place to look that I have not thought of, or may even know of someone who might just fit what we are looking for.
    Many thanks!
    Desert Rat in Oregon

  2. Jamie says:

    kim, I’ll be happy to help. If I were I would setup a throw away e-mail account that you can screen people and then forget about the account. Spell out the e-mail address for example” joesnuffy at gmail dot com.” That will help prevent getting spammed by bots.

    You might think about some of the Agricultural Newspapers help wanted ads. Or placing an ad in one of the Ag. papers. It takes a special kind of person to work in Eastern Oregon desert but it is one of the safest places in the USA from nukes!

    Or If some one want to contact you I can give them your email address if you agree!

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