New pekes update, shopping and more to do for the heat wave prep

Both of the new pekes got combed out, hair mats removed and trimmed up. We found skin injury on Tucker the peke but got started on treating it.  The Band Aid brand anti-septic/lidocane wash works great for minor injuries plus with the lidocaine the dogs stop licking the injury so it seems to heal quickly!  This is a product I want to add to all my 1st aid kits and stock up on ASAP! The new dogs have figured out the doggie door and it seems Tucker’s idea of doggie heaven is my backyard.  He is always going outside and exploring. This has led to a problem, as he is small and has found ways to squeeze through some gaps in my gates.

Remember all that extra green plastic fence rolls I bought up?  Well the roll is just about the perfect size to block all gaps where the gates meet the fence. Unlike chicken wire, the green plastic won’t have any sharp metal edges when we cut it to size.  If you use  gates a lot, have pets and children you don’t want them getting cut up if you can avoid it. The green plastic fence roll should fit the bill!  I think having a couple the green plastic fence rolls on hand is a great idea since it has so many potential uses, is low cost, easy to work with and it takes very little space to store.  I’m still not sure why Mom’s chickens don’t try and jump the 20 inch green garden fence around my garden as the could clear it easily. So far the birds are content scratching around the fence but not getting in the garden. I’m not complaining, if it is stupid and it works. It ain’t stupid!

I did more shopping and my food budget has been a bit on the high side for me but I have been stocking up on meats and I even got a few special items for the 4th of July.  I add more of the “country style” boneless pork ribs. These are not true “ribs” but a cut from the shoulder but I like them better than real ribs as they are all meat and you can cook them the same way as ribs.  I got a couple of boneless pork shoulder roasts that are great cooked on the rotisserie. I splurged a bit on a pound of good bacon and will try out S. Lynn’s bacon wrapped shrimp on the grill.  I got a couple of small watermelons for $2.88 each and grabbed Albertson’s corn chips 3 bags for $5.00 along with 2 bags of Popsicle so the 4th of July is covered.

I tried to get a jump on the “heat wave” and did a good job with the misters and fans. My little battery power pak are charged up and ready to use, though we are still searching for Mom’s battery paks and 12 volt DC fans.  Mom and I are trying to get all of the generators ready and tested but I have to say we dropped the ball, as this heat has really zapped us on our physical energy level. We are okay and we are keeping up with the basic stuff and adding all that mulch has worked out great for retaining water in the yard and garden. We don’t need to use a generator as there have not been any brown out/blackouts so we still have time for that test. If we have a power outage, the work priorities will change.

On staying cool, I never considered using those cheap heat blockers/window shades people use for their cars windshields on my home’s south facing windows but it is a brilliant idea ( Mom has a couple of those heat blockers that are slightly damaged that we can use for a test. I sort of pride my self on thinking “outside of the box” but this is one of those simple yet brilliant ideas that has me peeved that I did not think of trying out something like it!  Update on using the car shades in the south facing windows, the shades made a noticeable difference right away.  I want to add a few more “shades” and make it a bit easier to attach them to the windows by cutting the shades to size and using double sided poster tape. I bought 6 more of  the car shades at the dollar store and the best price for the foam double sided mounting tape was at Harbor frieght $1.99 per roll.

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