Rain gutter #2 cleaned out, chimney cleaned and lots of yard cleanup!

I got the second rain gutter on the back half of the house cleaned out. The hardest part of the job was cleaning out the grape vines and a morning glory type weeds so I could setup the ladder without it rocking.  I love the look of water going down the chains in place of the normal downspouts but the chains catch all sort of debris and may block your rain gutters from draining properly.  You have to be pro-active with your cleaning or add covers to your gutters to keep most of the debris out!  Cleaning out my rain gutters has been much simpler and faster than I had anticipated.  I have a single story home and the gutters I”m cleaning are about 12-15 feet long run.  So cleaning my gutters is pretty straight forward compared to many homes with a second story.

The “chimney sweep” arrived today and got the wood stove ready for this winter and even swept my roof while she was up there.  If you are in the Nampa area and need some chimney work or cleaning I would recommend going with Dr. Soot.  I have used them for 2 years and they are super clean doing the work and sweeping my roof clear of branches and leaves for no additional cost was nice.  $85.00 for a good 2-3 hours worth of work is a great price.  I have a very good/clean burning  wood stove and I could skate and get it cleaned every other year. But I use my wood stove only for heat in the winter and my life depends on it so not a good thing to go “cheap” on. I have Carbon Monoxide detectors, 2 Smoke detectors over sleeping rooms and 5 Fire extinguishers  in bed rooms or rooms close to the wood stove and one in the kitchen.  I lived through one chimney fire as a kid. I will do my best not to repeat that  experience again as an adult.

I dug up the goatheads/puncture vines in the alley way and pouring straight vinegar on goatheads had no effect whatsoever on killing it back. In fact I think the goatheads liked the added acid to the dirt/clay in the alley way area.  Dumping wood ash on the alley way, weed areas did a great job on killing most weeds of all types this spring.  Adding a deep layer of wood mulch is making a  big difference on the growth of my mossy rose ground cover and the sun chokes are greening up and adding new growth. I know I could use a bit of Round up weed killer and kill the weeds as well as the soil but I prefer to take a bit more time and work long term on the alley way beds.  The wood mulch is making a big difference on how the plants I want to have, grow. The wood ash is a darn good weed killer yet adds a bit of carbon back into a depleted soil.  Last but not least, all of the weeds are not growing in the new alley way beds but spreading from poor soil along the edges. It seems adding in a deep layer of mulch and new plants that thrive in poor soil will drive out the bad weeds in time.

Neighbors A &S ask for more of the essential oil pain relief salve and are now true believers on how well it works for all kinds of pain. Heck my Mom was having back spasms and she had no idea how well it works on cramps and muscle spasms.  I don’t know why a few drops of essential oils in a salve of coconut oil and natural beeswax works so well as a great topical pain killer but I will keep on using it and recommending other people try it out.  The pain relief salve will not stop all pain though it does a great job on muscle spasms and cramps I have used it on.  It does take away most of my bone & joint pain via blown knees and broken bones that ache when the weather changes. I had a shoulder tendon act up and 3 days of rest and using the pain relief salve got the shoulder working again mostly pain free.  If you have pain please try out the essential oil salve for a couple of days. At worst your skin will like the natural oils and beeswax. It won’t hurt you or have adverse side effects and the salve smells nice.

Last but not least I got my first sugar baby water melon in the garden. I never had any melon grow in my beds until this year.  The blackberry plant got a feed and the strawberry plant is putting on new growth since I moved it to middle of the yard.  A nice thing about container gardening is you can move a pot or bucket until the plant finds it’s happy place.

3 Responses to Rain gutter #2 cleaned out, chimney cleaned and lots of yard cleanup!

  1. S.Lynn says:

    I am so jealous. None of my watermelon plants produced, not even flowers. But I do have pumpkins coming out my ears. I sent you an email on the last address I had that I’m having a yard sale Friday, Aug. 7. Hope to see you!

    • Jamie says:

      S. Lynn: I put the Water melons in the Deep raised bed. I tilled my clay soil before I set the bed in place and then added several bags of the Kellogs’ brand garden soil, rabbit poo and some compost this year, tilled it all together before planting.

      Mom and I added a layer of straw after the plants got a little growth and that really helped block weeds and retain water. Mom also watered early every day when it got so hot.

      While the clay soil needs some improvements for drainage, fertilizer and PH levels, the soil is just chock full of minerals that plants love!

      The Valley has a more temperate climate compared to the rest of Idaho. The USDA hardiness map has as 5 A I believe, which is the same as most of Missouri and parts of Arkansas. I don’t know if that helps you, but I found myself willing to try out new garden plants thinking what grows in Missouri and parts of Arkansas rather what I think grows in Idaho.

      We are going to try and make your yard sale. Mom and I may have a whole $5.00 each to go crazy with shopping! I gotta start buying the winter wood pile, but I will pay off the loan on the wood stove in August! Huzzah!

  2. S.Lynn says:

    Thanks for the tips. I’ll have lots of kitchen utensils 3 for $1…or even a set of walkie talkies within your budget. 🙂

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