Totally Awesome Friday! Saturday started off less than well.

I felt a bit under the weather this last week and did not get much done, but today many things came together.  Mom and I got to meet/visit with S.Lynn at her yard sale. Her place looks great! If I could afford a little homestead I’d want it to look like her place. I missed out on the yard sale walkie-talkies but I got a great table top Weber kettle grill and charcoal “chimney”.  Plus several of the tools I have been wanting were at her yard sale. I got a miter box and saw, a rechargeable spot light along with a caulking gun. Mom got 3 really cute summer blouses and some lovely wine glasses.  Best of all we had a nice drive in the country stopping at a few little roadside farm stands.

One of the farm stands sells garlic that is approved for Idaho. I got a couple of different types of garlic to test to see if I like cooking with them and if they taste good I’ll  buy some for planting this fall. Mom got some sweet corn (ambrosia) and a couple of zucchini at the same little farm stand.  I planted butternut squash and my patty pans volunteered but I did not plant any zucchini that mom likes so much. Luckily I have neighbors that planted zucchini and I can trade other plants in my garden for what they did not plant.

Speaking of neighbors,  good neighbor L got a 1/2 yard of gravel for me while she was at the local farm store.  I was a little surprised how much area a half a yard of rock covered and that it only cost $10.25 for the load. L and I got Mom’s parking area under the carport covered with this first load. (S. Lynn if you did not sell the scoop shovel I want it!)   After seeing the coverage  looks like I will need about 2 yards of rock total, to cover the rest of my alley way parking area.  I’m hoping for one last sale of the wood mulch and then the alley way should block the growth of most of the bad weeds, then sun chokes and mossy rose can start replacing/choking out the nasty weeds. A very good thing is Mom feels much more confident exiting her vehicle as she tends to drag her foot(bad knee) at times.

Saturday started less than well as my old router died.  I thought I had a bad network cable but Mom’s connection was “toasted” this morning.  I can live without internet but my phone and my TV’s Roku and kindle library is some what dependent on a solid internet connection. Plus I want a solid router for a Local Area Network or LAN that I can build a Mesh wi-fi network in the future.  I installed an old model Linksys WRT 54 G and once I got it reset to factory defaults the router worked out great. I made a batch of the Bellma hops black ale and I hope I’ll add another “Falconer’s hops Amber lager this weekend while it is semi-cool.

So goes life


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  1. S.Lynn says:

    It was such a pleasure meeting you and your mom. Am so glad you drove out to “the country” to my place. Thank you for your compliments.

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