Another hot week coming up, tested the garlic and learning to embrace failure

It looks like 100 degree + temps this week and then a nice cool down into the 80’s-90’s next week along with cool evenings around 55 degrees F. that will help cool down the house over night.  I have never seen a weather forecast for “Gradient Winds” before and while I looked up the definition I don’t understand how they might affect me.  If any one out there has some experience with this sort of wind I would appreciate any comments about how I should prepare for them compared to straight wind storm of 60 mph or gusty winds in the 45 mph range.

I tried some of the garlic with dinner tonight in a saute with onions and swiss chard and while the aroma was powerful, the taste was quite mild and did not overwhelm the greens. Sorry I did not write down the name of the garlic but I will get a name when I buy garlic this fall for planting.  I read through Mom’s Sunset cookbook of garden vegetables and I got some great ideas for meals. I really like how the book covers charcoal grilling veggies and storing both short and long term.  I’m learning a lot of new ways to cook veggies that are tasty and use alternative cooking methods besides my electric stove.  I’m becoming a big fan of summer squash and greens like chard that hold up well to cooking with direct heat and going savory with the squash rather than sweet.  I know the that trying new ways of cooking can be scary because you are afraid of wasting food if you don’t like the results.  But I think you should learn new ways of cooking food now when you can replace the food, rather than try and cook in new ways in a disaster.  Any mistakes can be counted as the “tuition” of learning new ways to cook and bake.  Now is the best time to learn and practice new things!

Failure is a good thing, as you tend to learn more from your failures rather than your successes.  Here in the USA we seemed to value “not screwing up” and maintaining the status quo more than we value innovation.  To paraphrase a military axiom “He who will not risk, can not win”. Trust me you will have failures and some of those failures will be happen because of things you can not control.  Some of those failures will be on you because you just simply screwed up or you are still learning. None of those things are not what I consider failures but they are teachable moments.  Sometimes the best lessons learned is learning what not to do in any given situation. For example I have been baking bread for years and occationally I will make a lousy loaf of bread. It happens to everyone and you try and define what went wrong and go on with your life. Failure it not a big deal if you are willing to learn from it.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, and most of it is small stuff.




2 Responses to Another hot week coming up, tested the garlic and learning to embrace failure

  1. Ann says:

    You are so right about trying new foods, new methods and new recipes now. As part of that I have a stash of recipes that use foods I have in storage.

  2. S.Lynn says:

    Do you buy your garlic cloves locally?

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