Watching the “Market” today was interesting! In a Train Wreck sort of way

I think this is the “normal, pre-crash volatility” that signals a crash is coming, but I think there is still some time left before the crash.  How much time? I have no idea.  I don’t think it is time to max your credit cards for the Apocalypse just yet. Though if you have some particular weak point I would get it fix now rather than putting it off or waiting for a sale.  My thing is getting my wood pile stocked for winter. I have a already ordered one cord from an unknown and after I see the quality I might get a few more cords from them.  Wood around here goes on sale around September. So it is very difficult to get it delivered earlier in the year. Mid September is my drop dead date for getting wood at a sensible price.  I still have wood leftover from last year and I’m going to check out some free hard wood for the taking at the local Sears store parking lot just to add a bit to the wood pile. My neighbor trimmed the heck out of his fruit trees this spring and I still have that to cut up and stack.

I paid off the wood stove this month.  Huzzah! The only debt I have now is my house. With a little bit of luck I can put that money into savings and not into some other little emergency that always seems to crop up when you are at the bottom of the economic food chain.  Sometimes it seems that no matter what you do something will always need to repaired, replaced or remodeled if you own stuff! Lumber is very cheap right now. I got eight very nice 2×4 studs to fix up the overhead cover of my wood pile for under $18.00 at lowes. I think having a small stockpile of “building grade lumber” is a must for anyone into prepping and self-reliance.  While at lowes I noticed they had some deeply discounted lumber and other building supplies that looked like it was mis-cut to a shorter length or was pre- ordered and then abandoned.  I saw some treated wood(deck?) that would make great raised beds for a wicked low price.

Onto the sales: I splurged shopping at my local Tru-Value, via the coupon book/ad this month. I added another ABC Fire Extinguisher for $15.00 for home safety.  That gives me 2 multi-purpose extinguisher on each side of the house and a small handheld in each room. I figure we can handle a small fire or at least douse the flame to escape the house.  The small  ABC extinguishers can be moved to vehicles or added to camp gear.  I often have to buy low end so I have a least something on hand that will be effective. That does not mean you should stay low end and consider it good enough.  As you get better prepared you will find you have many items that could be gifts to friends/family or can be added to the barter box.

Yard sale bargains: I finally got my non-electric smoker box for $25.00 at a local yard sale. If things go “sideways” and electric power gets iffy you only have a few ways to preserve meat.  Old fashioned “potted meat cooked and buried in a layer of lard. Canned meat via a pressure cooker, or a some way of salted, dried or smoke. For me canning seems safest and I have canned meat.  But I really want to try some of the smoke and “potted meat” just for a bit of variety.

My recommendation at this time is get ready for winter. Focus on food, water and energy + your backups. While I may not have all the wood I want on hand I have been stocking up on propane tanks and I have 30 days worth even at below zero temps. Get tight with your cash and have at least 1-3 months on hand for utilities.  Don’t plan savings for your mortgage or rent if things get tight. Pay ahead any bills you can and keep some cash on hand even if it is just $20.00.

I don’t things will get “sporty” at this time, but I have been wrong before, so you must weigh your risks.

5 Responses to Watching the “Market” today was interesting! In a Train Wreck sort of way

  1. Karen says:

    I agree . .
    I was hoping to have a boat (new home) before the crash and still hold out a tiny bit of hope. I am looking carefully at bills and missing pieces of our preps . . cutting back unnecessary expenses but still allowing some fun . . firewood? Ah, the ever-present chase for free wood for heat!! I need to assess our wood pile quick as I feel an early winter coming and a lot of our wood (most of it) has to be cut down to fit the new wood stove. . . . I am carefully keeping a depression-proof job so as to keep us afloat regardless, but the more safety nets in place the better . . .

    • Jamie says:

      Karen: The boat could still be workable, as it looks like we will get deflation first on many “luxury items” as people liquidate to keep their homes and primary vehicles and have to sell off their “toys”. Having cash on hand to take advantage of those bargains is a smart way to go!

      It sounds like my place cutting down wood to fit the stove. I am getting new saw blades and I hope to add a couple of new chainsaw chains next month for the battery powered B&D and the electric chainsaw.

      I got most of leftovers of my woodpile restacked and I was a bit surprised by how much wood I have on hand. It won’t get me through a long winter but it is all dry and ready to go. I have about a cord of mixed pine and hardwood on hand and I’m getting the wood pile area ready for stacking up when the deliveries can be made by the wood guys.

  2. S.Lynn says:

    Congrats on being almost debt free. It makes life so much easier and less stressful not owing anyone. Worst case scenario is the mortgage holder will be too busy to come collect. Or won’t be around. Or will have lost all their computer files due to no electricity.

    • Jamie says:

      S.Lynne: I hope you are correct, because I still owe a big chunk of money on my house. I wish I had more cofidence in the US Economy because I would go to work on extra house payments rather than building supplies, skills and tools that might be needed in an economic collapse.

      As satisfying it might be to tell “my local naysayers” I TOLD YOU SO! I would much rather have a nice stable economy for the next 10 years and payoff my home early!

      Of course I never understood “conventional wisdom” of preppers wanting a disaster because they have prepared. That’s like saying you bought a smoke detector and fire extingusher in hope your house catches on fire!

  3. S.Lynn says:

    Good analogy on the fire detector.

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