Electronics have become the focus this month

I had my main wireless router die after upgrading my Internet service. I got a bigger data pipe for the same money as my old connection and no new 2 year contracts.  To replace the “dead” D-link router I got out the hand me down router from Dad Linksys WRTG version 5  with routing software that sucks.  The router actually throttled back my connection to a few MBs.    The FCC is wanting to stop all after-market type software upgrades for wireless routers. If you have a router you might check out the community built dd-wrt software upgrades for your router before the government outlaws those upgrades.  I’m pretty good with network stuff and PCs but you will want to have all of the instructions and a bit of cash on hand to buy a new router before starting the upgrade just in case  you “Brick” your router. Now that I have scared you, upgrading the router software is straightforward but not simple. I recommend  you have all the documentation on you PC/laptop and read through it a few times before you start the upgrade.

Mom loves the new router upgrade as her laptop has more power than mine and it is streaming video like a champ.  My little laptop is starting to struggle on the internet.  I don’t blame the laptop as most websites tend to think they can write bloated flash and other types of code because everyone has great CPUs, video cards and tons of memory to handle resource intense coding.  Both Mom and I have to Upgrade to windows 7  and get off of windows XP.  With a little bit of research I hope to up load a linux OS will work on the older machines and Windows 7  is about the last good upgrade that does not give your info a direct line to the PTBs.  Trust me Microsoft is not giving away windows 10 for free to us plebes without some compensation from the PTBs.  Remember if some thing is free like facebook, you if don’t know what the market is, you are the product.  I hate windows 10 just because it is free to people.  Microsoft always profits so if MS OS 10 is “free” how and who is making a profit? Especially when XP pro went for $200.00 per disk and windows 7 went for nearly $300.00 per disc for a business edition. Now Windows 10 is free to any goomba that asks for it for free? What is the catch?

I am upgrading both Mom and my own laptops with a windows OS 7 capable refurb laptops, costs are about $200.00 per laptop with shipping via newegg.com  I applied for a newegg credit line and was totally blown away about how much credit Newegg extended me. Once the laptops are paid off, I want to get the 18 inch wide dishwasher for my kitchen. Going into debt/using a credit card is not always evil. Compounding interest is terrible if you are in debt and making min. payments.  I understand the tendency of going a bit crazy buying stuff when given new “Credit Limit”.  Remember there is a big difference I want and I need! The PTBs hope you don’t understand interest and how they make you a debt slave. I got deferred intrest for 6 months on the refurb laptops and I will pay off the bill in 2 months.

Remember just because you have “credit” does not mean you have to use it!


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