Mom’s laptop arrived today.

The laptop was a Dell 4310 Latitude, Intel i5 core CPU, 4 gb memory, 500 gb hardrive, DVD-RW, Windows OS 7. Dimensions are 11 inches x 13 inches and about 2 inches deep. The laptop has a metal/aluminum? exterior and hard plastic keyboard area.  The little laptop supports a wide screen LCD monitor and is “wicked fast” on downloads and internet Youtube videos. This laptop also has a spot for an additional battery. I have to say I am very impressed overall with this little Dell laptop.  Windows 7 transfer of Windows XP files went well if not perfect.   I hate Dell desk tops because they use proprietary hardware and are a bitch to upgrade. Laptops must use integrated software and all laptops are a bitch to upgrade hardware. I really hope the HP laptop is in good of shape as this Dell and I’m thinking about adding another Dell 4310 to my bugout Electronics set up. This little laptop is not a high end, gaming type of machine.  I will test it out on some high end sort of programs along with the HP laptop on Monday and see how they do on basics and some of the intense software programs.

With any new computer you must create a rescue or recovery disk! Mom did a normal Windows update and I got a major error and could not boot windows 7. The Dell BIOS does not see partition drives but only the basic hard drive. I had to work with the recovery disk and set the active partition to Partition 1 via the MS-DOS command prompt.  I can’t believe we are still using MS-DOS commands to troubleshoot in Windows 7 but knowing  a little about DOS is very helpful trouble shooting windows at least up to Windows 7.  With the Dell refurb I did not get a windows 7 OS disk, I had just a “Recovery” partition installed. If you can’t access the hardrive, the recovery partition is basically useless. Making a “recovery CD/DVD” first,  will at least let you boot Windows via the DVD drive and let you trouble shoot your OS installation. So far windows 7 is an easy upgrade to learn, about the same learning curve an upgrade  from Windows 98SE to Windows XP. Most of the basic programs are available though you might have to use an internet search to find them.

Mom and I went to work on the garden and yard respectively.  I cleaned out a bunch of overgrown Iris beds and replanted the Iris bulbs. I got quite a few “bulbs” I can store until next spring besides all of the replanting I got done today. The Mums are just happy little flowers that make me feel good looking at them.  I can’t speak for other people only for myself, and I like having flowers around  my home.  I have access to straw for a protective layer but this year I am going to try mounding up leaves from my trees to protect my plants this winter.

Cash money is a little tight this month getting the wood and bit ahead on my house payment. I think you should have an “Emergency fund” as well as cash on hand. Murphy’s Law  states “that anything that can go wrong will and at the least convenient moment”.  I think we might see a stock market/economic collapse this fall and I’m planning for it. I have often been wrong and my gift for prophecy is not that great.  Keep building your future, don’t put off replacing a toilet because you think the city sewer system will fail.  There are plenty of things you can do to save money as well as prep.

Buy LED light bulbs on sale to save on electricity. The LED bulbs provide a nice light, don’t need to warm up like CFLs and don’t require a Hazmat crew clean up  if the CFL bulb breaks.  I have prepared the best I can and there is a good chance my best is not good enough. With my disability I’m not sprinting to avoid gunfire nor setting up a garden without mechanical help!  You do the best you can with your resources.  Is it enough? I have no idea!  I think doing nothing to prepare is a bad idea.

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