Busy weekend organizing stuff and deliveries of rock, wood and shopping

I was very surprised to get another load of rock delivered via good neighbor N.  The good neighbors are moving and made the “rock” offer before they got a such a quick offer to buy their house. Mom’s parking area is completely covered in rock and should make getting around this winter easier and safer with her bad knee.  We put down a thick layer of the rock. Hopefully between the rock, wood ash and the  homemade vinegar weed killer, the weeds  in the alley will finally die off!   I made a lot of progress on the alley way garden this year.  I want to add more plants that do well in poor soil, love lots of sun and are drought tolerant. I have seen sunflowers do well in the alley so I might add a few plants as a border and next year add a bit of shade for plant that need a bit less sun.

I got a lot of the wood area cleanup done. I pulled down the make shift plastic and got a good look at the construction of the roof.  It is worse than I thought and needs to be torn down and completely rebuilt. I will need to get a few more treated 4×4 posts and  a couple of 2x6s to frame the roof correctly. I’m not sure I will get all of the work done this fall so I will cover the wood with tarps a quick fix and start buying up more lumber as I can afford it. While things are not quite the way I planned, I don’t mind doing some quick fixes until I can afford to put up a proper roof. Plus once the roof is built I will have extra tarps, which are great to have on hand for quick repairs due to storm damage and making shelter from the elements.

The $100.00 cord of wood arrived this weekend.  Well it wasn’t a cord of wood nor was it regular firewood, it was all mill ends and I already have plenty of mill ends on hand. I had a bad feeling about ordering this wood as it seemed to good to be true. I did not take delivery, though I felt a little bad that the guy did all that work for no pay off. Perhaps they will be more forth coming on what the wood is and how much the they are really giving people for the money.

Albertson’s had a great sale on Quilted Northern toilet paper, Brawny paper towels and MJB coffee for $4.99 each. 12 packs of the toilet paper, 8 packs of paper towels and the 26 oz. can of coffee.  The “catch” is you had to buy at least 6 on sale items total to get that price  though you could mix it up buying 3 of one item and 3 of another.  While I don’t mind buying store brands but, many have gotten very cheap as far as quality. Getting a good name brand product I like is worth spending the money when it goes on sale as you tend to get a “good bang for your buck” it seems you use less product for the same results.

One of the things I love about preparing is once you get your basics stockpiled you can shop only the sales/loss leaders and you save a lot of money! I just spent about $75 dollars at Albertsons and all I got was 72 rolls of good quality toilet paper, 18 rolls of great paper towels plus increased my stock pile of coffee.  I don’t feel the need to grocery shop weekly as I’m good on my other food/ household items though Cash & Carry had chicken quarters for .39 cents a pound if you buy 40 pounds. The chicken is packed in 10 pound bags so you don’t have to store the whole boxed case if you have a small freezer. I have plenty of chicken on hand now!

I can’t speak for all preppers but for me, what I consider a six month supply on hand for any item means I should start looking for sales. A three month supply of an item means I need to shop and build up my supply even if the items I want are not on sale but can be had for a good price. I’m doing all of my prep on a fixed income so I have to work sales.

5 Responses to Busy weekend organizing stuff and deliveries of rock, wood and shopping

  1. S.Lynn says:

    You do such a good job hitting sales.

    • Jamie says:

      S. Lynn, I love the internet for checking out sales, since most grocery stores post up the ads on their websites. I have gotten used to shopping/buying in bulk and I have room to store in bulk.

      My plan is to stock up on basic food goods for 7 years. Of course some products don’t have that kind of shelf life. Ground coffee is a good example. Most prep sites claim a 2 year shelf life for ground coffee. Three years is doable if you have a cool dry basement. If you use about a 26-34 oz. can of coffee per month like me. You can easily rotate 24+ coffee cans in two years. I’m a a coffee fiend and I have never had 24 cans of coffee on hand at any time. I would love to buy green coffee beans in bulk and roast them but unless I can store more ground coffee short term (24-36 months) it does not make sense for me to buy green coffee beans for the long term.

      There is a dichotomy on many prepper/survival sites about how much food storage you should have on hand and the shelf life of common food storage items.

      If you rotate your items storing wild rice, wheat flour, coffee,tea spices you should have no problem using those items in your “pantry” before they go bad if you rotate using 1st in/1st out.

      Storing a bunch of white rice, red or white wheat berries, dried beans will give you a long term food survival option. But getting some short term (2 year shelf life) food will help expand how you will deal with a SHTF moment..

      • S.Lynn says:

        i made the mistake of buying brown rice which went rancid. even had it “seal a mealed” in a air tight bucket. will stick with white rice. pinto beans are still good.

      • S.Lynn says:

        and we just got 2 heifers and a steer to compliment our chickens. next spring (if all is still “normal”) want to get meat birds and turkeys. mmmmm.

  2. Karen says:

    Yes, prepping is fun and saves money!! I was recently gifted a lot of groceries I varieties I wouldn’t normally buy~ this gave us a double blessing as it provided a huge buffer in our shelved grocery preps and also provided different foods to experiment with.
    But, now I need to reevaluate our shopping choices as well as re-inventory. Ideally I like to have 3+ weeks food on hand that we don’t need to heat/cook~ items we can eat straight out of the can/box. By doing so we can be somewhat comfortable during a crisis without drawing attention to our supply by causing cooking aromas to draw hungry masses. Within that time frame most unprepared will die off, IMHO, and we can get on with the ‘new normal’ life will become . . .

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