Warning !! Food stamps may not get paid Oct. 1st if the government shutsdown

WASHINGTON (AP) — A government shutdown Oct. 1 could immediately suspend or delay food stamp payments to some of the 46 million Americans who receive the food aid.

The Agriculture Department said Tuesday that it will stop providing benefits at the beginning of October if Congress does not pass legislation to keep government agencies open.


We had a trial run of this October of 2013 What did you do during the great ebt blackout . People were very upset and a lot of food got wasted as shopping carts full of food were abandoned and people just left the stores.

I will be finishing up my shopping and getting my gas in the next couple of days. But I’m not taking any other special precautions at this time. If the government shuts down I’ll probably just stay home and see how things work out.



2 Responses to Warning !! Food stamps may not get paid Oct. 1st if the government shutsdown

  1. Karen says:

    This would be why we prep . . . I need to remember to buy milk, eggs and coffee (because I always forget those!!), then get on with planning my next project for the homestead . . .
    Lot of silly people will be stress and a lot of store clerks will get cussed out /threatened like last time . . .

    • Jamie says:

      It looks like Congress has a work around (short term) that will push the issue into December.

      I figure this was a good test of the “Last Minute Shopping List” idea. Mom and I did fairly well overall on the test as I just moved up the purchase of few items. I got my coffee restock last week, Mom has plenty of chicken feed so the eggs are covered and we have plenty of milk frozen, canned or powdered!

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