More fall cleanup done

I got the backyard leaves and doggie poo raked up and filled the big garbage container about half full. I don’t add the back yard waste to the compost pile because doggie poo is full of bad stuff, and my compost pile does not maintain a high enough temp. consistently to break down that poo. The backyard looks a bit desolate this fall, while I figure how to do the whole perma-culture thingy for the future.

I’m still learning how to take advantage of the little micro-climates around my house.  I want my yard to look nice but it also has plenty of foraging/ plant beds that grow food. I am planning out my garden for next year using the garden stakes and labeling what plants go where in my garden. My plan is to get heavy duty plant cages and go more vertical with my plants.

Mom and I got the raised beds harvested and cleared of all plants.  We got a nice haul of winter squash, tomatoes, peppers and the two celery bunches were pretty spectacular.  Tucker, the peke went to work right away digging in the raised beds.   Tucker, turned over at least 1/4 of the soil in my tall raised bed with his love of digging. With Tucker and the chickens all of the raised bed soil will get turned over without me getting out the rototiller.

I learned a lot about gardening this year dealing with an abundant harvest that can overwhelm you if you are not prepared to process all those veggies. I need to work on my timing as my lettuce for salads bolted early and my tomatoes came on later than I had anticipated.  The “flowering” kale has done great in the front yard beds and the multi-colored swiss chard did great in the raised beds though I did not get much lettuce, Bok choy  or spinach.  Both the herbs and strawberries liked growing in the kiddy pool and while the raspberries like it’s sunny spot among the roses, the blackberry  plant still needs to find it’s “happy place” in the yard .

The front yard got mowed and de-thatched today. Cleaning up the grape vines has made a huge difference on how much sun is hitting the front yard.  While I was de-thatching the lawn, the grass is much stronger this fall and I did not get as much thatch this fall compared to previous years. I added a bit of straw around the flower beds and my garlic. I will mulch the rest of the frontyard beds with leaves as they fall.


3 Responses to More fall cleanup done

  1. S.Lynn says:

    When you mulch with straw are there seeds in the straw that will grow? That would be a pain if it reseeded.

    • Jamie says:

      S.Lynn: We get the straw from D&B and I used it last year mulching around the front yard beds and did not have a problem with reseeding. The straw is a little more expensive since we buy a bale or two at a time but it has worked well for mulching the raised bed garden and the front yard beds.

  2. S.Lynn says:

    Thanks! I’ll have to try some.

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