Shopping the bazaars, finishing up the windows using “old white flour”

At the bazaar, I got a great deep, 9″ cast Iron pan for $2.00,  that needs a bit of seasoning and care to be a first rate cooking dish.  Mom bought some lovely cut glass candle holders for her “candle garden”.  I’m glad I got my wood stove with a glass window, but Mom’s old fireplace had no window so she made a little “candle garden” so she could enjoy the look of a fire with a bunch of candles on stands that are some what safe. Heck you are prepping and you will probably have candles on your list of backups for light.  Buy some pretty candle holders that are safe for year round use and that you enjoy using!

I finished caulking two more windows on the South side of the house and Mom was correct about some good size gaps around the exterior kitchen window frame.  I can also state the caulk is doing it’s job sealing the windows and it is not just a “placebo” effect.  The temps in the backrooms is much higher via the temp. gauge Mom installed compared to last last year.  While we are having a “warm” fall my windows are not sweating at all and they seem warmer to walk by this year fully opened compared to last year when I had dropped the blinds and closed the thermal curtains.  I’m sure a few of you are thinking “well Duh!”  I had no idea how much difference caulking your windows could impact your home.  What is great the caulking that keeps the cold air out in winter will keep the hot air out in summer.

I have read many prep sites that say “white flour” can be stored for about 5 years.  I have been using white flour  that is 7-8 years old, both “bleached and unbleached, baking bread with no fall off in quality in my baked breads.  I use food grade buckets and add a bit of DE to keep away the bugs, but other than that I don’t take any extra storage precautions for White flour.  Perhaps the nutritional value has fallen off but I can’t see much difference in my “old’ stored flour and a new bag of flour buy at the local mega-mart.

A lot of good news on the cat, the dogs and taking out mice in the house.  We got 3 mice today in the sticky traps and Tucker the peke is great pointing filled mouse traps. Smokey the cat is roaming the house in the evenings and the basement daily for rodents.  For catching mice you need a little bit of patience and a lot of sticky traps in many areas. I think/hope with filling many of the exterior holes via caulk and foam I have stopped rodents entering my home.  Now we just need to get rid of those that have taken residence we will be good to go!


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