Cutting up wood for the fireplace. Shopping some good and some bad

It has not been all that cold yet, but both Mom and I like using the “mill ends”/box wood for a hot, fast fire that takes the chill off in the house. I filled up the porch small wood rick/wood pile with a mix of the old and new wood. I cut down a few older chunks of wood that were a bit large for the wood stove using the electric chain saw. I replaced the old circular saw blade on the Black and Decker circular saw and it work darn good on the “mill ends” filling up the 18 gallon buckets of wood.  Your saw should cut wood without a lot of pressure applied.  If you are forcing the cut it is time to buy a new blade or sharpen the blade. I filled 2 of the 18 gallon buckets, but I’m feeling the extra effort using the circular saw compared to a table saw.

I used the electric chain saw to cut down a few over sized chunks of wood.  I filled the little wood rick/ holder to the top and then some as well as two 18 gallon buckets of cut mill ends. Mom makes the fire first in the morning.  I tend to top off the fire at night if needed. But I need to find the “sweet spot” on burning wood.

Dad gave me a great Hobart table saw from his Dad.  It is great, but I’m having a   heck of a time finding any info, about proper blade  replacement. I can’t find a model number because of age. The blade is a circular 8 1/4 inch blade but the arbor is well above the  standard5/8ths arbor. My guesstimate on the arbor is in the 3/4 or 7/8″ range.  I know it might seem another “duh” moment but a sharp blade/chainsaw is something you need on hand to make quick work of your cutting jobs.  I really want to get a good miter/table saw for cutting the box wood quickly and for my future wood building projects.

I stopped by the local Ross store to see what they have and I was a bit surprised by how they have expanded from just clothing.  I picked up a set of those little doggie steps ($10.00) that help older dogs get up on beds or a couch as they get older and less mobile. I did not find the flat sheets I wanted, but Ross did have some nice sheet and blanket sets for a good price.  I found a couple of the larger jute/rubber door mats I  I got a jute/rubber mat for the backdoor and a rubber sort of an open mesh mat that I placed over the sand area in front of the chicken gate so the area drains. Each mat cost about $7.00, which is a pretty good price. Getting the door mats should give us a place to get rid of most the leaves,  dirt and other unpleasant items without having to “deface” some of my big decorative rocks by the back door. I don’t have pics but I think one of the bigger rocks shuddered with revulsion when we used it to scrape our boots.

The $4.99 can of coffee at Fred Meyer’s was a bust as they have shrunk the cans again, this time down to 24 oz. I’m so peeved by this nonsense, as a big can of coffee used to be a full 36 oz.  I had a feeling that last month’s sale of coffee was a setup/clear out of old cans to introduce “a new and improved” smaller can of coffee.   I understand grocery stores operate with razor thin margins but this sort of pricing irks me and it feeds into the US government paradigm that there is no inflation because a can a coffee only costs $4.99 yet that can of coffee is less than 2 pounds now compared to 2.5-3 pounds back 2-4 years ago.  Yes, I am that anal-retentive that I notice how all the packaging has shrunk, then we get a “sale price” on the new and improved item and in about the month the price will hike again to the “new” normal price.

I’m starting to get ahead of the power curve on the house payment and having a bit of cash on hand. Mom has been great for motivation on saving money for the “emergency fund.  I’m buying  $10.00 rolls of 50 cent  coins as my cash savings and hoping for a silver coin year of 40-90% silver.  So far no luck on silver but saving the coins is helping me to save cash for the future.

Great news Smokey the cat is coming  out more and Tucker the peke is starting to follow verbal commands. It’s not perfect yet but things are getting better via the pets behaving.


6 Responses to Cutting up wood for the fireplace. Shopping some good and some bad

  1. wonderdawg says:

    Jamie, most table saw blades are ten inch with twelve on industrial or commercial models…Never heard of Hobart saw, maybe take blade off and take to store to see if they can match….I use a chop saw to cut my smaller dia wood….faster and easier than chain saw…I just had 250 gallon propane tank and 25K but heater installed this year…still have my wood burner, but the time or cost of wood, propane should save me $1000. a winter over wood plus aggravation of bringing in wood and gettin up in mid of night to reload…

  2. For a saw at a decent price, I can recommend a 12 inch compound miter saw from Harbor Freight. It is a very versatile tool and good quality for the price.

  3. Jamie says:

    dawg: I’m not really sure what size the blade “should” be but it has an 8 1/4 blade on it currently.
    That new propane heater sounds great! That gives you a lot more flexibility heating the house. One of the big reasons I went with the more expensive wood stove because the fire will last over night/8 hours.

    doublehomestead: I have been looking at getting either 10 or 12 inch of the compound miter saw at Harbor Freight for jobs up to a 4×4 or 2×6 basic carpentry jobs. HF has a pretty good Veteran’s Day sale coming up.

    • wonderdawg says:

      Go for the 12 inch…I have both and 10 inch sets gathering dust mostly. If table saw will handle a 10 inch blade, use it, less strain and better cuts.
      If I was 50 instead of 70, would have only wood heat…age plus bad fall from scaffolding last year put and end to my lumberjack days,lol.
      Careful with what you buy at HF…Some stuff been good, other just junk…got some solar stuff been on line couple years and works great…their 45 watt panels were disappointments, but HD panels kick ass. Stay safe ..
      BTW, Check out Diogenes site, he’s posting again.

  4. It is annoying how they keep shrinking the size of everything, and for the same price. Ross has random stuff – sometimes you can find something great though.

    • Jamie says:

      Lisa: I can check out Ross a couple of times a week since Mom and I walk the Mall daily. The door mats have already made a big difference on stuff getting tracked in the house.

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