Wood is done at least for a couple of months and turkey on sale

Gosh, I’m wiped out from stacking the latest bunch of wood and cutting up mill ends. While I’m tired and sore it is really nice to have all of the wood stacked and now I will see just how much wood I have on hand to burn this winter.  So far November weather seems to be about normal for temps and just a bit damp.  The “super el nino” has not made the fall weather super warm here in SW Idaho. If my memory serves SW Idaho usually had a bad winter (lots of snow and cold) if the East coast got hammered with a hard winter. Usually we got lots of cold and snow earlier than the average and then those east of the Mississippi got slammed later in the season.  I suspect SW Idaho may see a weather pattern similar to the late 70’s to the early 80’s.  I’m not a huge fan of extreme weather but Idaho was a place for folks that could not hack Alaskan type weather rather than California transplants looking for a new state to screw up with Progressive political stupidity. Perhaps if the weather gets nasty enough they will move on and annoy some one else. Though I would not wish progressives on anyone other than Wash. DC . That seems a bit appropriate.

Boise is getting very Progressive with buying up “Open Spaces” with tax payer dollars and I really don’t like that policy, as it locks up land that can’t be used for starter homes for young people and drives up rents. I love parks, bike paths and green belts but if the “city buys up land”  it will drive up housing costs, young people can’t afford to rent, buy a home or start families that will add “fresh blood” to  a city.  Plus “open spaces” cost the city up front and do not generate any tax revenue.  Guess what home owners your property will go up in value as well as taxes paid for all of those “open spaces” that do not generate any taxes. This “Open Space” policy will hinder any sort of  organic growth via young folks starting  families, buying homes or starting a small business.  We are cutting our own throats with this short term thinking.

Sorry about the Real Estate rant, but on to shopping. Albertson’s has Turkey for .69 cents per pound if you spend $25.00 shopping. Spending  $25.00 shopping  for food is dead simple.  Get all the whole turkey on hand you can afford. I was wrong about chicken prices spiking in my area via Avian flu as chicken meat prices have been good in Idaho though egg prices spiked up a bit. I think turkey is a “loss leader” at most stores and they hope to make up the cost in other items. Beef prices are starting to drop under $3.00 a pound on the round and chuck as well as hamburger. So far I have been holding down my meat costs by buying loss leaders.  I bought some turkey breast meat at Cash & Carry for $2.28 per pound but we use this meat as pet treats and a carrier for pet medications. While this may seem sort of expensive at first, if you look at the per pound cost of most pet treats versus the cost of Deli type turkey breast is very good buy if you are willing to slice it up at home.

Something to think about for your shelter/ bug in area is air quality. I doubt many of us can afford to  create an over pressure air exchange system. But most of us can afford to buy a couple of  small room humidifiers, a dehumidifier and air purifier. Now I don’t expect a lot of performance from a cheap machine but as preppers we need to control odors as well as smoke from any indoor cooking. If you are a smoker you will carry that odor in your clothes and every time you light up.

I’m not telling you to quit smoking, that is your choice. But you might want to take a few extra steps if you want to keep smoking and be somewhat safe.  Buy some “vaping/ electronic cigarette” products you can use instead of smoking and stay away from the strong flavors as I have read many non-smokers/ vapors can smell those odors. Get a few small air purifiers as the will help clean the air of cooking odors as well as smoke plus several small air purifiers will work better with any power generator compared to one “whole house” air purifier. It is a lot easier and cheaper to power only one or two air purifiers that need 100-200 watts of power than a big air purifier that needs over a thousand watts of power. Many people suffer from allergies via pet dander, pollen and dust and even a small air purifier might make a big difference in their quality of life.

Time for another test and this one will be about air quality. Mom is irritated by my cigarette smoke since we closed up the window this fall.  Air purifiers placed around the house along a few 12 volt systems that work in the car and the jumper packs that are independent of the grid, are ready to go for the test.   A good thing if the air purifiers work, I won’t have to clean my walls, windows  or dust as often. I hate to dust!

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  1. S.Lynn says:

    I, too, loathe dusting. With dogs in and out of the house I have limited choices. My hope is the Boise area doesn’t turn into the SF bay area with no affordable housing, forcing ppl to move further and drive longer, choking freeways and causing pollution. Don’t politicians know the basics of cause and effect of the rules they place on me, but not for thee?

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