I figured out the BBQ turkey this year!

I like BBQ’ing a turkey as it frees up the oven for baking bread, pies and casseroles that are Thanksgiving day favorites. This year I had about 16 pound turkey and it took about 4 hours to BBQ.  On average figure about one hour for ever four pounds of turkey if you BBQ. Eight pound turkey= two hours of cook time, sixteen pound turkey= four hours ect… I use Mesquite chunk charcoal and a charcoal chimney to start the charcoal. This year I had two charcoal chimneys on hand and after laying down a few of the larger chunks of charcoal in the BBQ, lighting up both chimneys +1.  I had more than enough coals to BBQ the turkey in about 30-35 degree F. weather with minimal wind.  I place a small broiler pan directly under the turkey and mound the charcoal up against the pan. In the broiler pan I add different liquids such as home made beer, white wine or vegetable stock along with any whole carrots, onions, celery or other stored veggies from the garden.  Every 20 minutes I  turn the turkey and on every hour I flip the turkey so that it will cook evenly. I try to start and finish the turkey breast down so all the juices soak into the breast meat. Rest the turkey for at least 20 minutes breast down after BBQing and you will get some of the best tasting and moist turkey breast meat you ever had!

How is cooking a turkey on the BBQ related to prepping?  Well you are cooking a fairly large chunk of dead animal giving a bit of smoke and if you brine the bird like I do you add a bit of salt and sugars that are preservatives. While  I would not store the turkey on your counter top, BBQing a turkey is a gateway on learning how brines, salting using peppers and sugars work preserving meats. How will you  do a real cold smoke of meats unless you practice?  After you get the BBQ basics down it is all about controlling the heat/ flavors via cooking or smoking.  Plus, BBQ turkey just tastes good.

I caulk the interior of the windows and I had many bad words to say about the previous owners. Then again I did not go out and caulk  windows even after living here at Casa de Chaos for over a decade.  This weekend it got a bit cold in SW Idaho, Highs in the 20’s, lows in the teens. So today I caulked windows and used spray foam on some of the larger gaps around the windows. No wonder we feel a draft when the windows have gaps around the window sill up to a 1/2 inch! Using spray foam cans, clean the tube and can nozzle within 24  hours and you should be able to use a whole foam can over several weeks.

I started cleaning the walls of the computer room and the walls were  disgusting,  covered in tar/smoke from my smoking as well as spider webs and a fly or two that expired via old age.  I don’t want to give up smoking but, I do see the downsides to smoking and I’m trying to mitigate them as I learn more and do some cleanup at home.  While adding in several the small “Holmes” air purifiers has helped Mom dealing my smoking. I think the little purifiers have helped myself, Mom and the pets with some allergies, dealing with the inversions that happen in Idaho and the purifiers did great when I cleaned all of the grills and Oven. It was very smoky in the house, yet no smoke detector went off.

JM Bullion has a wicked sick sale on silver and a bit of gold. I use JM bullion a lot as they offer free shipping on any order over $100.00.  I’m not a trader, I’m a stacker and any time I find silver for about $15.00 per oz. I will find a way to buy and stack.  I don’t think most people will get “rich” stacking silver and or gold (if you can afford it). At best you might maintain your buying power.  I think everyone should buy gold/ silver as a hedge against deflation or inflation. Get your basic preps on hand and if you find you have about $100.00 not dedicated to anything I would recommend getting a few PMs.

It is crazy that silver  is valued 70+/1 via gold. A more natural ratio is 9/1  or 15-1 gold to silver and that is not counting all the uses of silver. Getting and holding silver is not a get rich scheme.  At best holding silver” might” maintain your purchasing power. Buy stuff you will need first then buy PMs (precious metals) last. Thirty dollars getting a rain barrel is smarter than buying a silver at any price!


4 Responses to I figured out the BBQ turkey this year!

  1. Randy says:

    I have been reading your blog for a few years now. We are similar in age. Moved from S. CA with my mom to N. Idaho. My mom has had asthma all her life and hated my smoking. Although, I never smoked inside the house, she always complained she smelled it on my clothing. Finally, after ALL the BITCHING, I tried a vapor cig. Have been using it for a year now, and would never go back to cigarettes! There is a learning curve. It is really much less expensive, and I can use it inside the house without stinking up the place. Have you thought about trying this out?

  2. S.Lynn says:

    What kind of silver would you recommend? Bars, coins? Type of coins?

    • Jamie says:

      S.Lynn: It sort of depends on what your goal is for silver. I do a little bit of everything now, but try to buy silver with a low premium cost per oz. I guess I sort of break my silver purchase in several distinct groups…
      1. Junk silver: This is pre-1964 silver coins that are 90% silver. I don’t buy for collectible coins, just silver content. I think of this silver for barter rather than preserving wealth.

      2. National silver coins: American Silver Eagle, Canadian Maple leafs, Austrian Philharmonics etc. These have a higher premium but are well recognized and may have some collectors value in the future.

      3.Silver bars and rounds:Basically just silver from reputable mints though some Bars may be used for a Precious metals IRA. These usually have the lowest premium and is the cheapest way to add silver.

      I like buying from JM Bullion for the free shipping over $100.00 orders. APMEX is another one I have used and they tend to have a greater selection and seem a bit faster on shipping thought they some times charge for shipping depending on what you buy

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