I think we figured out the chicken house insulation setup

Mom has a 6’x8′ wood storage shed for the chicken house. So it is not what most people assume that we are insulating a small chicken coop. The “radiant insulation” that should reflect heat in winter and reflect heat out in summer. Mom will add a few sheets of plywood that should keep the birds from pecking at the insulation. Mom tells me that the chickens are sort of like “rednecks” and like shiny stuff. So we will be adding a 4′ wall of plywood to prevent any pecking of the insulation. If needed, I saved all of the light weight garden fencing we can tack up to keep the birds away from the insulation above the plywood.

Mom kept her birds in an insulated shed before she moved in with me and the winter egg production stayed much higher than most people’s chickens in this area. Speaking just for myself I think Mom is going a bit over board on insulating this winter, but I think the radiant barrier will make the chicken shed much cooler in summer.  Mom got a nice window to add to the shed in the spring so the shed should have a good air flow/ventilation for the birds next year. Even if we are wrong about how warm we need to keep chickens this winter, I’m positive the “radiant barrier” will help keep the chicken shed much cooler next summer.

Very nice day today here in SW Idaho and it looks like we may see a couple of 50 degree days next week though it maybe a bit damp.  I got the front yard all raked up and placed the outdoor furniture in a protected area along side of the house.  We had some pretty brisk winds last week that finally blew the remaining leaves of all of the trees.  The garlic is sending up little green shoots through the straw mulch and the decorative kale still looks great, though it is not putting on a lot of growth.

Diana the”peke” got a bit  hurt trying to keep up with the younger dogs again. She is on predisone and tramidol to try and get her healthy.  Good news is she is eating and drinking water. Bad news is she is taking longer to recover and is very cranky. As long as Diana keeps eating and drinking I will keep working meds and keep her comfortable.   Diana is be 13 years old and that is old age for most dogs.  I won’t let her suffer if I can give her a chance at recovery.  If it is time for her I will let her go!

I’m flat out, worn out this year.  I’m not giving up, but I may have to take a bit of a break from the madness and work on stuff around the house.  Brew some beer, make some bacon and really work on my preps rather than be in crisis management all the time.  I want to work on the simple things even though they won’t be easy.


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